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Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0

The programme aimes to promote cross-sectorial innovation where the marine sector seeks to cooperate with other sectors in order to create new solutions.
  • Conservation and processing marine macro algae for feed ingredients

    The ultimate goal of the project is to develop methods for preserving, and refining marine macro-algae to sustainable ingredients in fish feed. The focus will be on developing a silage preserving technology and combine this with a membrane refining technology. In the end, this shall lead to plant establishments, and organize a complete macro-algae industry build on modern cultivation and prospecting methods
  • Extracting Novel Values from Aqueous Seafood Side Steams - NoVAqua

    During seafood production, significant amounts of valuable biomolecules are lost and discarded in waste waters. Very few attempts have been done to turn seafood-processing waters into revenue before they become waste. Therefore, this project’s aim is to explore three groups of mild processing concepts that utilise the full potential of valuable compounds in aqueous seafood side streams, and thereby add value to an untapped resource of aquatic biomass.
  • Seaweed bioactive ingredients with verified in-vivo bioactivities

    The project aim is successful commercial production of novel bioactive ingredients, from marine seaweeds to be used in food supplements, cosmetics and food products. The key to this goal is verification of bioactivity via in-vivo testing (human studies), resulting in significant value creation based on sustainable production and use of underutilised marine based biomass.
  • Superchilling of fish

    The project will address the problems of fluctuation and uncontrolled temperature in fresh fish processing and logistics, from harvesting to market, by developing a technology based on the superchilling concept ready for industrial implementation. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase quality and shelf-life of products, give more security in the cold chain of fresh products, and lower production and logistic cost.
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