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A Nordic Test Lab for Scaling – tender now open

Entrepreneur pitching idea to investor at Slush in Helsinki. Photo: Nordic Innovation
  • Publisert 13.01.2017
  • Sist oppdatert 24.01.2017
Invitation to tender for developing a Nordic Test Lab for Scaling. The deadline for submitting tenders has now passed.


The high Nordic startup rates are not turned into equally high firm growth rates. Nordic Innovation wants to procure a scaling model and its implementation during a two-year pilot period.


The objective of this tender is to design a concept for a Nordic Test Lab for Scaling that will stimulate high-growth entrepreneurship in the Nordic region and to test the concept during a two-year pilot period. The pilot should contribute to creating a more unified Nordic community around the Nordic scale-ups and more mature SMEs with high-growth ambitions, and be a means to stimulate the overall economic growth in the Nordic countries.


The value of the contract is at maximum 14 million NOK exclusive VAT. Please find the tender documents at Doffin


  • The deadline for submitting tenders has now passed!



Nordic Test Lab for Scaling pilot in a nutshell



A Nordic scaling pilot designed to help Nordic high-growth companies to prepare and accelerate their next stages of growth through access to long-term competence building and financing opportunities.



The pilot should be dedicated to the most promising, exciting and ambitious Nordic companies in the actual growth/scale-up phase, having a validated business model, a clear growth strategy, a competent management team and a desire to obtain substantial growth funding. The companies must be able to demonstrate progress to date (i.e. generating revenue) and a large growth potential. The pilot must target ‘the best-of-the-best’ Nordic companies in the target group.



Duration of the pilot will be 2 years (2017 - 2018). The length of the contract will be at maximum 30 months. As a minimum requirement, Nordic Innovation expects that at minimum 4 batches targeted at different test areas (verticals and/or target markets) are run during the two-year pilot period.



Implemented as an innovative public-private pilot, which should be integrated and complementary to the existing national actions, with a clearly identifiable Nordic added value. 


By whom

The pilot will be implemented by private actors who are selected through a public procurement. The consortium should preferably have at least three different active partners from three different Nordic countries or equivalent competences. Additional partners like international ones are allowed. 



Nordic Innovation is looking for executors that have real hands-on experience from working with high-growth companies. The executors will be selected through this public procurement on the basis of their track record, competences, networks and suggested scaling model.



The tender is published in TED (Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union):



Tender documents are found at Doffin:


Please follow the Nordic Innovation website for any potential additional information and/or changes to the tender. 


If you prefer, you may also follow potential changes by registration into Doffin (


If you are an international supplier and do not have a Norwegian organisation number, you may fill out N/A or a made-up number (i.e. 999 999 999) in the relevant field.


All answers to questions will be published both at Doffin and on the Nordic Innovation web pages after the question deadline 17 February. 

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