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Nordic Medtech Growth 2

  • Publisert 04.01.2016
  • Sist oppdatert 23.02.2016
Increasing the success rate for implementation and commercialisation of new health and welfare technology in the Nordics through guidelines and networks.

P 14086 - Nordic Medtech Growth 2


Fra 01.01.2015
Til 31.12.2017

Nordic Medtech Growth 2 is a project focusing on health economic evaluation in public procurement. The Nordic trade associations for medical technology and their members have broad experience with delivering devices, therapies and solutions to the specialist and primary healthcare services in the Nordic countries.


With this background the trade associations formed a Nordic project that aims to not just take the perspective of suppliers of medical technologies, but cooperate with relevant authorities and customers to provide the patients with the best therapies available.


The project will build networks and new arenas for collaboration to increase focus on health economics. The deliverables of the project is practical guides to HTA processes and health economic evaluation in public procurement in the Nordic countries.



  • Develop a common Nordic, practical guide for health economic documentation in relation to public purchasing in hospitals and primary healthcare services
  • Draft a common Nordic, practical guide for HTA processes as a tool to implement new products and procedures at hospitals
  • Establish a common Nordic arena for dialogue and exchange of competencies in the field of health economy


Planned activities


Activities 2015

Main focus: HTA

  • Search and mapping of existing tools and materials in the countries
  • Clarify needs in the markets
  • Health Technology Assessment – status in the countries, differences and similarities.
  • Constitute projects groups (project working group, steering group, national reference groups, Nordic reference group)
  • Communication and dialogue

Activities 2016

Main focus: Health economics in tenders

  • Search and mapping of existing tools and materials in the countries
  • Clarify needs in the markets
  • Collect good cases and best practices
  • Communication and dialogue
  • Network meetings

Activities 2017

Main focus: Launch

  • Drafts on hearing/feedback process
  • Complete tools and guides
  • Launch of guides and tools to HTA and health economics in tenders
  • Conference on health economics in tenders and HTA
  • Communication and dialogue
  • Network meetings



Project status

At the present time the project has being established in all the Nordic countries. The Nordic project group and steering group have held regular meetings in face-to-face, but also as video conferences.


There has been established a Nordic reference group to the project which consist of stakeholders from relevant authorities and customers. This is in addition to the national reference groups that have been established in each country. The groups have an important role in the project. They are discussion partners for the project and quality assurance for the research and output of the project.


The main work at time being is clarification of terms and definitions of health economy and Health Technology Assessment in regards to the project. An extensive mapping process is also running in each country.


Within the field of building networks and building competence in the field of health economics in public procurement and Health Technology Assessment as a tool for introducing new and innovative technologies to market, all the trade associations has held seminars and meetings for the industry and stakeholder partners in their respective countries 



Project partners:



Medtek Norway (project lead)


Swedish Medtech


Sailab, Finnish Health Technology Association 




Lanspitali (associated member of the consortium)


Project map