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Stakeholder map

  • Publisert 25.08.2014
For some sectors, it is important to understand market dynamics and relevant stakeholders in more detail. The stakeholder map can help you decide who you need to be aware of, manage, or collaborate actively with to succeed.

Mapping stakeholders is a good way to create an overview of the market and discuss how to potentially work and collaborate with governmental institutions, NGOs, companies, etc., to fully pursue the market potential.


The matrix is divided into know, manage, and collaborate, where “know” represents stakeholders that you need to monitor but not necessarily engage with, such as competitors. Stakeholders under the category “manage” are potential allies or enemies, depending on how your partner manages them. Finally, stakeholders placed under “collaborate” will be interesting for you or your partner to engage with.


  • Discuss with your partner which stakeholders affect the success of your business.
  • Place these on the map according to their importance.
  • Discuss how you will monitor, manage, or collaborate with the stakeholders. Also discuss timing and responsibility.







"Our company sells large scale energy services for governments and the sale processes are often long. We work very closely with local partners.  It is key that we understand the local stakeholder landscape and can develop a strategy for how to engage with different stakeholders – and when to involve us"
Nordic company