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  • Publisert 25.08.2014
A map is often a good starting point for discussion about a market; it can help you more easily understand the country, distances, and key sales areas.

Print a map of the country and bring it to the meeting. Use the map to zoom in on the market and discuss the basic steps of the game plan. This part of the initial dialogue is meant to provide a basic knowledge about key cities/markets, which are discussed in detail subsequently.


  • Use the map to discover your best geographical opportunities. Consider the location of key cities, relevant industry clusters, infrastructure, natural resources, etc.
  • Which port or airport should the products be transported to? Where do we sell Year 1 and how far would we like to reach in the coming years geographically? In essence, discuss the various factors influencing the process when starting your distribution in an emerging market.
  • In some growth markets, sales are very regionally based, and it is important to understand and challenge the reach of your partner. One option is to give your partner the rights to certain areas and include a promise of performance-based expansion.





"You have to remember India consists of over 25 states, and there are big cultural differences between north and south. My advice is often to pair up with more than one distributor, since their networks are primarily locally anchored"
Rajnish Singh, Moet Hennessey, India