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CCS in the Nordic Countries in a renewable/climate neutral future (2050)

  • Publisert 16.03.2011
The study is done under the Nordic Top-level Research Initiative and it evaluates the energy picture with more renewable energy in the Nordic region and the role of CCS.


Fra 01.05.2010
Til 30.09.2010

This study has looked at the full energy picture, since all climate gas emissions need to be considered, both large stationary that could have CCS and all other emissions. As a basis for the 2050 picture, both historic emissions and 2020 plans were considered. Further, a view on realism in meeting targets in the various areas of energy use was added, as it was observed that private choices in households are not guaranteed to be climate neutral quickly.


From a decision-making perspective, it may well be faster and safer to install CCS at large sources instead of waiting for many individuals to change their car and heating system. To test realism in this, stakeholders in each Nordic country were interviewed.


The following steps were taken in developing scenarios:

  1. Mapping of current energy use and emissions in each country.
  2. Mapping of political targets and plans in each country for 2020 and comment on realism (including on possible role of CCS), as policies are not investment decisions.
  3. Developing scenario for climate neutral 2050: Total energy picture, emissions, and CCS.


Project participants



Karen Sund (Project manager), Sund Energy

Bellona Foundation

TNS Gallup