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Nordic Innovation key partner at World Circular Economy Forum 2019

  • Publisert 22.01.2019
Nordic Innovation will be a key partner at this year’s World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki 3-5 June 2019.

The World Circular Economy Forum 2019 will bring together around 2,000 key circular economy thinkers and doers from around the world. This year the forum will have a strong emphasis on the next era of the circular economy and scaling up the transition.


As a part of the Nordic Sustainable Business Transformation programme, Nordic Innovation work to speed up the transition to a circular economy in the Nordic region.


"I am very happy to announce that Nordic Innovation will be a key partner in this year’s World Circular Economy Forum in Finland. I hope that WCEF2019 will bring the Nordics closer together in transitioning to a more sustainable and circular future."

Svein Berg, Managing Director, Nordic Innovation


Together with Sitra and other partners at the WCEF2019, Nordic Innovation hopes that this initiative will have a big impact in the Nordics and beyond.  



Circular economy in Japan


In October 2018, Nordic Innovation was a part of the World Economy Forum in Yokohama, Japan. The Forum was hosted by Sitra, and the Japanese Ministry of Environment. 1300 participants from all over the world meet to discuss how to go from linear to circular economy. Read our conclusions from the 2018 Forum to learn more.



Attending the WCEF2019


The WCEF2019 is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending the event or have other questions about the WCEF2019, please contact Nordic Innovation's advisers, by clicking the contact info in the right column.


To read more about the WCEF2019, please visit

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