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Venture capital and EU policy for financing of young companies the themes on public investor workshop

  • Publisert 06.12.2012
Experience sharing among public investors in venture capital and EU policy for financing of young companies were the topics in focus on the Nordic-European Public Investor Workshop on 28 November.

The event in Stockholm gathered 13 public investors from 8 countries in northern Europe.


The main purpose was to continue previous discussions on European policy for the period of 2014-2020. By jointly influencing the EU policy makers, the instruments can be made effective and in tune with market needs.


The program was a mix of internal and external speakers, roundtable discussions and a joint dinner for the participants. The host for the day was the Managing Director of Nordic Innovation, Roger Moe Bjørgan.


One of the speakers was Steve Rogers, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation Unit C3, Financial Engineering. Rogers focused on an update on current EU policy processes and took part in a lively discussion around these issues. After the workshop he said that the day had been very fruitful for him, and asked for a continued dialogue.

Alan Bain, Business Manager at Scottish Investment Bank, Scottish Enterprise and also one of the speakers, concluded.


- The workshop provided a practical demonstration of the benefits of working co-operatively. Thanks to Nordic Innovation for arranging an enjoyable day.


The workshop is a part of the Nordic-European Public Investor Initiative, a broad effort aimed at increasing the effect of public investing in venture capital by a higher level of interaction and cooperation between leading Nordic and other European public direct investors.


The Nordic-European Public Investor Initiative fulfils a dual purpose. First, it strengthens the effect of public investment in venture capital by a greater level of interaction and cooperation as well as experience sharing between Nordic and other European direct public investors. Second, it influences the EU decision-making process to make well-informed design of new programmes and initiatives. 


The Initiative comprises a network of 11 national public investors in the field of seed capital and venture capital with 3.2B € under management and more than 1,600 portfolio companies as well as the European Investment Fund. The Initiative members are drawn from 8 northern European countries.


Read the report and presentations from the workshop here.



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Nordic Innovation


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NSA Ventures, Iceland

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