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The search for the perfect match

Good mood while presenting ideas on stage
  • Publisert 11.09.2014
With an eye on 25 million NOK, more than 60 Nordic health and welfare experts showed up at Arlanda 4 September to search for the ideal project partner.



The sun was shining down at Arlanda airport in Stockholm last Thursday as more than 60 health and welfare experts from all five Nordic countries had gathered to participate in a matchmaking meeting hosted by Nordic Innovation. The goal of the day was to find partners for potential projects eligible for funding through the call for proposals for innovative Nordic health and welfare solutions. The call is now closed.



After some coffee, fruit and croissants, the time had come to get started. The format for the day was a twist of the unconference concept, which basically means that it is the participants themselves who create the agenda. After a brief introduction to the call by Nordic Innovation and a presentation of call co-funders Vinnova on their experience with test beds and innovation centres, all participants were asked to present themselves and their project idea topics briefly.


After a short break, a good portion of the participants then got up to the stage to elaborate more on their ideas. Those who had intersecting ideas then paired up to form main topic for further group discussions, thus creating the agenda.


There were two rounds of group discussions with five topics each, and participants were free to follow the “law of two feet” – meaning they could at any time leave the group they participated in to join a new one.


Project manager Anna Attefal from Innovation Akademiska, was happy with the unconference format.


– I talked to a lot of people and it was very productive. When discussing the different topics, we jumped ahead quickly when it comes to distribution of knowledge. Some partners may already have found each other and the rest of us have an idea of what we can do together. So for the networking part, it was brilliant, she said after the meeting.


Speed dates and meetings

After the round of unconference group discussions, the participants broke for a welcomed lunch. With their bellies full, it was time to move on. The participants had to choose between joining a speed date session, or move on to deeper meetings for those who had already found potential partners and were ready to elaborate on their ideas.


After a rather intense day, where the participants had been very enthusiastic, it was time to sit down for a Q&A session to round of the day. But did it result in any concrete matches?


– Yes, new contacts and partners who will at least draw up one application together. We have already become quite concrete on what we are going to do during the day today. We actually started yesterday. So a lot has been achieved, said CEO of Oslo Medtech, Kathrine Myhre.


– Yes, I met a very experienced doctor physician from Norway who had some ideas and who was also struggling with how to bring innovation into the health care system with the existing reimbursement system.  I also got one contact from Finland and one contact from France, said Björn Söderberg, CEO in MyHealth24seven.


Thanks to everyone who showed up and made the matchmaking meeting such a positive and constructive experience.


Get involved

If you missed out, you can find an overview of who discussed what and a connection list in the bar on the right. You can also fill out a form to be put on the connection list, which will be updated continuously. 


Also, please join our LinkedIn group to pitch your ideas or post requests and connect with each other.