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Tender for project evaluation: Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0

  • Publisert 13.12.2017
Nordic Innovation invites experienced consultants to evaluate the relevance, appropriateness, efficiency and effectiveness of the Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0. The tender deadline is 17 January 2018.

The Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0 (Marine 2.0) builds on the Nordic Marine Innovation Programme (2011-2014), which was the first of its kind to bring the marine industry together within the Nordic region. The first Programme was launched in 2011 to meet challenges regarding sustainability and future competences and to improve the general perception of the sector. The following Marine 2.0 programme was a result of the increased interest from the sector, Nordic Innovation and other national and Nordic partner organizations.


The overall objective of the programme is to increase business opportunities, sustainability and profitability within the Nordic marine sector through innovative solutions. Suppliers of technology, knowledge and services within the marine industry were the primary target group.


The total budget for the programme amounted to MNOK 62.9, and was funded by Nordic Innovation together with national and Nordic funding organisations. More than 50 participants with multidisciplinary approaches contributed to the eight projects in the programme. Their technological innovations and knowledge will contribute to a more efficient and sustainable use of biomass from fisheries, algae, aquaculture and other bio-resources.


For further information about the programmes and projects, please refer to the following webpages:


Nordic Marine Innovation Programme

Nordic Marine Innovation Programme 2.0


Nordic Innovation now welcomes suppliers to deliver a tender for the evaluation of the programme. The purpose is to uncover whether the anticipated objectives have been met and to identify key lessons and recommendations. This evaluation is to be formative with a strong learning element, by generating knowledge and creating discussions.


Read more about the Tender at Doffin here. 

Download the invitation here. 

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