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Nordic Innovation celebrates 40 years

  • Publisert 25.06.2013
The Nordic Industrial Fund, which would later become the Nordic Innovation Centre and thereafter Nordic Innovation, started its operations 40 years ago - on 1 July 1973.


The Nordic Industrial Fund was initiated to promote technological and industrial development in the Nordic countries. It was administered by the Nordic Council of Ministers and situated in Stockholm.


Here is an excerpt from the very first annual report (translated from Swedish):


Technical research and development often requires a significant effort by qualified personnel as well as expensive equipment to reach good results in the international competition. Based on Nordic conditions, it may concern such large projects that cooperation within the Nordic countries should have clear benefits. Nordic cooperation can lead to a more efficient use of Nordic resources for technology and industrial development, and thereby be significant to industrial policy.


In 1986 the organisation moved to Oslo. In 2004 the Nordic Industrial Fund and Nordtest were merged to the Nordic Innovation Centre, which in 2011 became Nordic Innovation.