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Nordic energy solutions serving as inspiration in Japan

  • Publisert 08.11.2013
Nordic Green Japan 2013 served as a forum for exchanging experiences, success stories and challenges between energy experts in the Nordic region and Japan.


Japan is in a process of reforming its electricity structure, similar to what the Nordic countries have gone through the past twenty years. The seminar demonstrated how providing an efficient energy system has been done through Nordic collaboration.


The seminar featured a keynote speech by Taro Kono, member of Japanese House of Representatives.


- The electricity grid of Japan needs to be modified and the most important action is the liberalization of the electricity market. Separation of distribution and transmission is crucial. As you hear about the green Nordic countries, I hope you will gain inspiration on how to turn the black energy industry in Japan into a green, transparent and competitive industry.



Enhancing the Nordic profile

The Embassy of Sweden and Growth Analysis had taken the lead on the seminar, involving representatives from all five Nordic Embassies – among these Norwegian ambassador Arne Walther.


- Nordic Green is a forum that gives an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas as well as promoting corporation and business development among the Nordic and Japanese countries. It’s also a chance to enhance the profiles of Nordic countries, Walther said.


400 people participated in the seminar. In addition, 1350 viewers followed it through Ustream. During Nordic Green Japan and the following days, a number of business meetings, both formal and casual, were arranged. The agenda, presentations materials and recording of the seminar are all available here: