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Nordic companies meet with German investors

  • Publisert 02.02.2011
From 23rd to 26th of November 2010, the Nordic Seed Capital Initiative visits Berlin and Munich to meet German venture capital funds and corporate venture capital investors.

The purpose of the visit is twofold: One, to introduce and create relationships between Nordic public seed funds and similar actors in the German market, and two, to make it evident for German venture capital funds that there are good early stage companies in the Nordic region for them to consider as investment targets.


In 2008, Nordic Innovation initiated a collaboration between the leading  public seed funds in Finland, Sweden, and Norway called the Nordic Seed Capital Initiative. The initiative aims to develop a well functioning and internationally competitive Nordic Seed Capital Market. Through collaboration, the members will carry out a series of activities. One of these is to showcase promising Nordic portfolio companies to international investors.


- In turbulent economic times, it has become substantially more difficult for early stage companies to raise funds for growth and internationalization, says Hans Christian Bjørne, Innovation advisor at Nordic Innovation.


- In an increasingly global market, it is important Nordic companies early take on an international perspective. Getting introduced to international investors may help them enter new markets more quickly.


Click here to download the programme and invitation for the events in Munich and Berlin (pdf-file)


Members of the initiative include Vera Venture (FI), Innovation Norway (NO), Innovationsbron (SE). Also participating in the visit to Germany are Vækstfonden (DK), Conor Venture Partners (FI), VTT Ventures (FI), Procom Venture (NO), Nordic Investment Solutions (SE) and Nordic Innovation.


During the visit, the Nordic Embassies host a reception dinner in Berlin. The following Nordic early stage companies will present themselves to German investors:

  •  Byteactive AB (SE)
  • Exito AB (SE)
  • Multitouch (FI)
  • Nervogrid (FI)
  • Turbinova (NO)

Marcus Zackrisson, Senior innovation advisor at Nordic Innovation says that the public seed funds in the Nordic region operate to a large extent with a domestic focus.

- Through the Nordic Seed Capital Initiative they get the opportunity to exchange experience with the each other and their international equivalents.

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