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Making the health sector a more innovative procurer through Nordic cooperation

  • Publisert 22.04.2013
  • Sist oppdatert 24.04.2013
In late 2012, Nordic Innovation launched the call for proposals The Nordic region as frontrunner in innovation procurement. NOK 10 million has been divided between 3 projects, with the common goal to help making the Nordic health sector a more innovative and demanding procurer through competence building and cooperation - and through closer contact between suppliers and public buyers.


Value based procurements in primary and social care (VABPRO)


The objective of the VABPRO-project is to contribute to a system shift from price-driven procurement to a value based and holistic approach, where factors as patient experience and prevention are integrated.


- We want to change the main focus from figures and numbers to the actual impact and outcome of the service, meaning value creation. We want the procurers to involve as well the end users and the suppliers in the process and to ask themselves what is the real value of the procurement, explains project leader Suzan Ikävalko from Nordic Health Group.


This will be done by collecting and analyzing results and best practice in the Nordic region and use this to develop concrete guidelines for value based procurement.  The project will also focus on creating networks and arranging workshops for competence building and sharing of experiences.


Maksimainen says that more and more demands are being placed on the procurers, who often lack knowledge, resources and tools for how to manage and conduct innovative and value based procurements.


- Our aim is to help the procurers both with this and ultimately also with building new competencies within the public organizations themselves, concludes Ikävalko.


The VABPRO-project focuses both on primary care (GP-practice and health centre operations) and social care (elderly care services and services for physically and mentally disabled). It will cooperate together with the INHP-project.



Project participants:

  • Finland: Nordic Healthcare Group (project manager), City of Jyväskylä, Forum Virium Helsinki, City of Espoo
  • Sweden: City of Landskrona, Norrbottens Läns Landsting
  • Denmark: Copenhagen Living Lab




Integrated training program and demand dialog network for Innovative Nordic Health care Procurement (INHP)


Competence is key when it comes to innovation procurement, and the INHP-project is addressing this challenge.


Together with Nordic Universities, the project will develop a training program for innovation procurement in the Nordic health sector.


Project leader Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen, head of Copenhagen Living Lab, says that the main rule is that all innovation procurement should begin with an identification of needs.


- The procurers must first of all become aware of what they actually want, and ask themselves, in what way this is different from what they already got.


Then follow the question how to reach out to the right suppliers and communicate the requirements in a way that makes them understandable. Private companies are, on the other hand, often dealing with issues like the risk they are taking when having to explore new markets, and how to find collaboration partners to be able to deliver a complete solution.


- With the INHP-project we want to establish a dialogue between procurers and suppliers in order to create the transparency that is necessary to succeed.


The project will cooperate together with the VABPRO-project.



Project participants:

  • Denmark: Copenhagen Living Lab (project manager), Aalborg University, Aalborg Municipality, Kolding Municipality, Vejle Municipality, Brainsbusiness/ICT North Denmark (part of Aalborg Municipality)
  • Sweden: The Swedish Environmental Management Council, Lund University, Halmstad University, Falkenberg Municipality
  • Norway: Helse Vest, LFH (Trade Association for Health- and Welfare Technology)
  • Finland:  City of Vantaa, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  • Iceland:  University of Iceland




Nordic Public-Private Innovation Net

The main goal of the project Nordic Public-Private Innovation Net is to create a foundation for common innovation procurement projects in the Nordic health sector.

Project leader Susan Dalum at Region Syddanmark, says that public procurers should take advantage of the fact that the social structure is very similar in all the Nordic countries.


- By procuring across borders we can create a larger home market, which will benefit the public sector as well as end users and companies.


The key activities in the project will be to establish a virtual platform with an overview of tools and best practice and to create a Nordic network including matchmaking events to connect procurers and suppliers within innovation procurement.


- By sharing challenges and solutions we can become better together, Dalum concludes.



Project participants:

  • Denmark: Region Syddanmark (project manager) Health Innovation Zealand, Welfare Tech
  • Norway: Helse Sør-Øst RHF, Oslo Medtech, NHO (Confederation of Industries)
  • Finland: Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), HYKSin Ltd
  • Sweden: County of Värmland, Region Skåne.




The call for proposals was launched together with Nordic Innovation’s national partners Tekes, Vinnova, the Danish Business Authority, Innovation Norway and Rannis, as a part of the Nordic lighthouse program Innovation in the health sector through public procurement and regulation.