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Innovators in the health sector met for matchmaking

  • Publisert 25.09.2012
Around 40 people had gathered in Copenhagen on 19 September to get more information about the project Public Procurement and Innovation in the Health Sector, and, in particular, to meet potential partners for collaboration on the call.

Procurers, suppliers, consultants, agencies, health organisations and universities were all represented at the Nordic matchmaking meeting in the Danish Architecture Centre.


The Nordic Council of Ministers, represented by senior adviser Pouline Terpager Rasmussen, opened the meeting by presenting the background for the project, which is about stimulating innovation and contributing to the creation of a common Nordic market on the field.


Arvid Løken, senior innovation adviser at Nordic Innovation, the coordinator of the project, said that the final project is the result of a broad collaboration between Nordic Innovation and the national partners.


- Public procurement is a field in shaping; there is a growing interest in all the Nordic countries. By joining forces we can make the Nordic region a frontrunner in innovation procurement in the health sector.


Mona Truelsen said that Nordic Innovation wants to contribute to improving the Nordic health sector through stimulating exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as incorporation of innovation when creating a strategy for public procurement.


- The project is about building more competence, stimulating a closer contact between suppliers and buyers and creating a common infrastructure. Buy raising awareness of the potential in public procurement at management level, we can make the Nordic health sector an even more innovative and demanding procurer.


The main target group for the project is organisations that engage in public procurement within the health sector:

  • Hospitals
  • Regions
  • Municipalities

There are two main funding themes of the project. The first theme is about creating a Nordic competence network for innovation and procurement within the health sector, where experiences, methods and best practice can be shared and disseminated to a wider audience – focusing on procurement projects of common cross-border interest.


The second theme is a Nordic project for market knowledge and dialogue between procurers and suppliers, which is basically about creating a better information flow, raising awareness and encouraging cross-border learning and partnerships.


Marit Holter-Sørensen presented the EU-funded InnoBuild-project that could serve as inspiration for this theme.


There is also an open theme for other ideas that can contribute to reaching the main goals of the project, and paving the road for future initiatives.


Icelandic Rannis is one of the project funders.


- This type of innovation in Iceland is yet not very developed. We mainly joined the project to learn, but now we can see that the other countries struggle with similar problems. By establishing a common Nordic framework, we are also creating a bigger market to operate in, said Sigurður Björnsson, head of innovation and development.


Norwegian Difi is an important discussion partner in the project.


- Many small actors are now working with innovation projects. A Nordic platform for creating common solutions can take them to the next level. The Nordic countries have more in common than we sometimes might think, said senior adviser Marit Holter-Sørensen.



See some pictures from the matchmaking meeting.