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Identifying potential areas for cooperation within health and welfare

Mona Truelsen presenting Nordic Innovation's project Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation.
  • Publisert 04.09.2013
In the end of August the Nordic Council of Ministers’ program for new and innovative welfare solutions in the Nordic region, Sustainable Nordic Welfare, was launched in Copenhagen. Nordic Innovation was there to present our project Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation.


Sustainable Nordic Welfare will be implemented through tangible measures and activities in the period 2013-2015, focusing on three areas:

  • Education and work for welfare
  • Research for welfare
  • Infrastructure for welfare

At the event Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers, introduced Bo Könberg, who will be responsible for writing an independent report on how the Nordic cooperation in the area of health and welfare can be developed and strengthened during the next 10 years. Könberg is a former Swedish Minister, Governor and Member of the Parliament.


Click to read an interview with Könberg here (in Danish)


Geoff Mulgan, CEO for the Brittish think-tank Nesta and an expert in social innovation said that the Nordic region are best in class when it comes to welfare solutions, but posed a thought provoking question to the audience.


- How can the success continue to repeat itself without becoming a failure?


Mulgan emphasized the need of evidence in his presentation: What works and what does not? He also warned against turning welfare from something strengthening to something weakening.


-  Healthcare should not only be about treating people, but about reinforcing them as well. By building up people’s strengths and assets, we can take healthcare to a completely new level.


Elena Microsofts Senior Director for Health Elena Bonfiglioli, Senior Director for Health and Microsoft talked about the development of welfare technology, including cloud computing, social computing and natural interfacing.


Senior Innovation Adviser Mona Truelsen presented Nordic Innovation’s present and upcoming work in the area of health and welfare, including the project Innovation in the Health Sector through Public Procurement and Regulation.


- The public sector is by far the largest buyer and consumer of health care products and services in the Nordic region. This creates a major opportunity for demanding new and innovative products and services from the private sector, which can create new business opportunities in the Nordic region, she said.