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Green building standards projects now out for public consultation

  • Publisert 11.08.2014
  • Sist oppdatert 06.06.2014
By being a standard maker in the building sector, the Nordics can provide the basis for European standards and contribute to future EU policies and regulations. This is good news for both the Nordic building industry and the environment.

Through the Nordic Prime Ministers’ initiative “The Nordic Region – leading in green growth” the Nordics are aiming at being a standard maker in the building sector. This could give the region a strong and influential voice when future European standards and EU regulations are being made.


As part of this work, Nordic Innovation has developed three joint Nordic projects together with the standardisation bodies, industry, research institutions and public authorities. Working groups within the projects have now drafted Nordic input to European standards within sustainable renovation, indoor climate, and environmental product declarations and sustainable construction.


Nordic Innovation organises an open public consultation on the three drafts from 11 August until 13 October, and invites any interested party to give comments. The consultation will be available on here from 11 August.



Good for the environment – and for business


By being a standard maker in the building sector, the Nordic region can make a big contribution to reach European goals for sustainable growth. The Nordic building sector is in the forefront of building sustainably and have extensive knowledge to draw from. The Nordic Prime Ministers’ green growth initiative also shows that it has strong political backing.


Being a standard maker will also benefit Nordic businesses, by giving them a competitive advantage on the European market. It is a win-win situation. 



The projects


The three drafts that are out for public consultation are:

  • A draft standard for classification of buildings and common requirements for a sustainable and energy efficient renovation of existing buildings
  • A draft Nordic indoor environment classification scheme with harmonized criteria and test methods for evaluating the resulting indoor environment
  • A draft Nordic contribution to EU regulations and standards in environmental product regulations and sustainable construction, within the product categories of thermal insulation and steel

The input from the public consultation may take us a big step towards making the Nordic region a European standard maker in the building sector – providing Nordic businesses a competitive advantage and paving the way for greener buildings in Europe.