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Developing links between standards and innovation

  • Publisert 19.12.2013
Nordic Innovation has selected six Nordic projects that will demonstrate how standards contribute to innovation, with a total grant of just above 13 million NOK. The projects have been selected among 13 applications under the call for proposals.

Several of the granted projects will look at how standards can lead to innovative processes within the building sector, while other projects will create and implement standards that will lead to improved and more efficient processes.


Implementing the projects on a Nordic level provides a larger market and basis for sharing experiences. Some of the projects will specifically aim at developing Nordic standards that can facilitate innovation.


A young area
- Developing links between standards and innovation is a relatively young area, and is mainly approached from a research perspective. The granted projects will greatly benefit from developing practical experiences and sharing experiences on a Nordic level, explains Einar Maitre Ekern, senior innovation adviser at Nordic Innovation.


-These experiences could in time form the basis for a European or international standard, Ekern continues.


Being at the forefront of developing links between standards and innovation is one of Nordic Innovation's strategic priorities, as it can ultimately give a competitive advantage to Nordic businesses in the European market.



The selected projects are:

  • NEXT Timber – Novel EXecution Tool for timber structures (Project leader: Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries, RTT)
  • Hygienic Design in the Meat and Fish Industry (Project leader: Danish Standards)
  • Fire Safety Engineering for Innovative and Sustainable Building Solutions (Project leader: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden)
  • Building Information Standards for Innovation in Public Procurement of Buildings (Project leader: Chalmers University of Technology)
  • Standards Consumed with Automated Checking in BIM (Project leader: Standard Norway)
  • Material and Product Innovation through Knowledge Based Standardization in Drinking Water Sector (Project leader: SINTEF)