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An introduction to Nordic test facilities

The Nordic Network of Test Beds team visiting the OUS Intervention Centre test fasility.
  • Publisert 13.02.2017
Nordic companies have many opportunities to test their health and welfare products and services. Learn more about them!


There are many places in the Nordic region where innovative companies within the healthcare sector can test their products and services. In fact, many of them collaborate even across borders.


Such collaboration can contribute to harmonised standards and operations, which in turn will benefit and increase the competitiveness of Nordic companies and pave the way for a common Nordic market.


Nordic Innovation is supporting such collaboration and have financed three ambitious Nordic test bed projects. Two of them work in the field of hospitals, while one works with municipalities and welfare technology.


As a step to create awareness of the networks created in the projects and the possibilities in utilising them, the test facilities involved in the two hospital test bed projects presented themselves for Nordic companies at an event hosted by Oslo Medtech in Oslo 15 February. 


About 35 companies attended the event, where also senior innovation adviser Arvid Løken presented Nordic Innovation's efforts on test beds. 


The hospital test beds

The first of the two hospital test beds project is called Nordic Network of Test Beds, consisting of hospitals and actors working with business development and innovation in all the five Nordic countries. They aim to harmonise clinical and administrative standards and operations, and together develop a professional service for testing of new and innovative healthcare products in the Nordic region.


The second hospital test bed project, Nordic Test Beds (NoTeB), aims to create a Nordic collaboration network and access to five university hospital test beds in the region. They will produce practical guides and tools on how to operate in Nordic countries and are now on their second batch of solutions that will serve as test cases.


Testing in municipalities

For welfare technology companies, municipalities are the main customers in all the Nordic countries. The Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance project aims to create an ecosystem for Nordic collaboration between municipalities reaching out to companies for co-creating and testing innovative solutions.


The project will bridge demand and supply sides by providing models for co-creating and by matching companies with living labs where they can work with users and staff on developing and testing new products and services.


The three test bed projects were financed through a call for proposals on innovative Nordic health and welfare solutions in an effort to unite and strengthen actors across the Nordics in order to develop a Nordic ecosystem for health innovation. The call itself is a part of the Innovative Nordic Welfare Solutions lighthouse project.