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  • 12.12.2011 Porridge and rye bread on the menu

    Whole grain, rye and oat products are traditionally cornerstones in the Nordic food culture as well as important items of export. At the same time the interest in these products is increasing on a global level.
  • 12.12.2011 Public procurement within health care on the agenda in Copenhagen

    On December 8, the Nordic program Public Procurement and Innovation within Health Care held its first workshop. The event had 50 participants from all major organizations in the Nordic countries working with innovation, procurement and health care.
  • 07.12.2011 Nordisk klimadag traff elevene

    Elevene på 7. trinn ved Vålerbyen skole i Hedemark ble overrasket over mengden mat som kastes i Norge under Nordisk klimadag 2011.
  • 06.12.2011 Finland celebrates 94 years of independence

    The day is being marked by several events, with the annual President's Ball as the grand final.
  • 01.12.2011 Praise for the Top-level Research Initiative

    The Top-level Research Initiative received many words of praise at its annual conference in Oslo on 28-29 November. According to the Norwegian Government, the initiative puts Nordic ideals into practice, and Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers Halldór Ásgrimssón is impressed by the results achieved in such a short time.
  • 01.12.2011 Finnish ZenRobotics voted Europe’s most innovative environmental company

    The Finnish company ZenRobotics has been chosen as the most innovative environmental company in Europe.
  • 06.12.2011 Different building regulations expensive for the Nordic countries

    EUR 177 million per year. This is the price that society ihas to pay because the Swedes choose to follow different building regulations than the Danes. The politicians are responsible, says Ole Norrback, Chairman of the Freedom of Movement Forum.
  • 29.11.2011 Toppforskningsinitiativets årskonferanse 2011: Vi må levere

    It is all about delivery! Det var åpningen og avslutningen på Ivar Kristensens oppsummering av Toppforskningsinitiativets årskonferanses første dag.
  • 29.11.2011 Mange lovord om Toppforskningsinitiativet

    Det kom mange lovord under første dag av Toppforskningsinitiativets årskonferanse i Oslo 28. november. Den norske regjeringen mener at initiativet omsetter nordiske idealer i praksis, og Nordisk ministerråds generalsekretær Halldór Ásgrimssón er imponert over de resultatene som er oppnådd på kort tid.
  • 28.11.2011 Nordisk ministerråd satser på grønn vekst

    - I fremtiden kommer vi til å bli mer og mer avhengig av grønne løsninger, sier Haldor Ásgrímsson, generalsekretær for Nordisk ministerråd, under Toppforskningsinitiativets årskonferanse i dag.
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