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  • 06.06.2012 National Day of Sweden

    Today, 6 June, is the National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag in Swedish). The tradition of celebrating this date began in 1916, in honour of the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, which is considered as the foundation of modern Sweden.
  • 05.06.2012 Denmark celebrating it's Constitution Day

    The day marks the anniversary of signing the Danish constitution in 1849, establishing Denmark as a constitutional monarchy, as well as the constitution from 1953 that was adopted on the same date.
  • 04.06.2012 Zero regrets regarding zero energy hotel

    Boutique Hotel Stadthalle in Vienna, the first zero-energy balanced hotel in the world, offers all customers a 10% discount of room rates if they arrive by environmentally friendly transport. This is just one of many initiatives the hotel uses to promote sustainability in tourism.
  • 04.06.2012 Vacancy for project manager

    Nordic Innovation is recruiting a proactive and enthusiastic project manager for the Nordic Built program.
  • 01.06.2012 Google's advice to entrepreneurs: Less talk and more action!

    Google was one of the presenters at the Nordic Seed Capital Summit in Stockholm on 30 May, organized by Nordic Innovation and coordinated by Nordic Investment Solutions. Read the interview with Nicholas Heller, Principal for Google’s new business development in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and get his advice to entrepreneurs and to startup companies with global ambitions.
  • 30.05.2012 Green management as a long term strategy

    Coex is a leading exhibition and convention company in Korea that has integrated an extensive environmental strategy in its business model. The strategy promotes responsible social and environmental values and reduces CO2-emissions through energy savings.
  • 28.05.2012 Iceland wants to be a role model for green economy

    The Government of Iceland has approved an investment plan for 2013-15, which includes providing 25 million Euros for implementing the first phase of a fifty point proposal on strengthening the green economy. Recently the Icelandic Parliament voted unanimously for the proposal. The OECD is giving credit to the Icelandic initiative.
  • 23.05.2012 Tourism companies want to be sustainable – but are lacking a green innovation strategy

    A new study mapping the innovation in 28 tourism companies from 10 countries show that these are investing in sustainability, but the initiatives are unfocused and not in line with other parts of their business strategy.
  • 07.05.2012 Skepsis er en utfordring for fangst og lagring av CO2

    Vi ønsker ikke å ha CO2 lagret i vår egen bakgård. Det er et av de største hindrene for at Norden skal bli ledende innen fangst og lagring av CO2, på tross av et stort potensial.
  • 02.05.2012 Finnish State Secretary: The innovation infrastructure must be updated

    - The ongoing changes in the world calls for the whole innovation infrastructure to be updated. Open innovation is a key to success, said Finnish State Secretary Olli-Pekka Heinonen at the SHOK-summit in Helsinki.
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