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  • 07.01.2015 Learn more about the Nordic Independent Living Challenge

    During January and February, you can get more information about the Nordic Independent Living Challenge by visiting seminars in the five capital cities.
  • 12.12.2014 New innovation and research programme on green growth

    Nordic Innovation, NordForsk and Nordic Energy Research will launch a joint initiative to find solutions to environmental and societal challenges.
  • 02.12.2014 Big, bigger, SLUSH

    A two-day cosmos of 12,000 startup people, tech talents, investors, executives and media pitching and partying. We went to find the Nordic perspective – this is our smartphone diary.
  • 01.12.2014 Help the Nordic capitals solve a real challenge!

    The Nordic countries are facing an increasing demand for innovative solutions and technologies for the elderly and disabled. For the very first time, the five Nordic capitals are addressing this issue together by launching a joint competition to come up with the best solutions.
  • 21.11.2014 Sustainable renovation through Nordic collaboration

    13 projects have received funding through the Nordic Built programme. They cover widely different areas of the sustainable building sector, but share two main points: sustainability and Nordic collaboration.
  • 04.11.2014 An entrepreneurial boost

    It is not often locking people in a room is productive, but at the Nordic Entrepreneurship Arena it gave results. Watch the video!
  • 30.10.2014 Met to discuss blue growth in the marine industry

    After three years of cooperation in the Nordic marine sector, the scene was set to summarise and reflect on the Nordic Marine Innovation Programme and its 14 projects, but the participants at the Nordic Marine Innovation Conference 2014 also looked into the future.
  • 22.10.2014 European Commission looking for innovative procurers

    If you are interested in the Horizon2020's €130 million calls for proposals in support of innovation procurement, their PCP-PPI conference in Milan 26-27 November might be of interest.
  • 22.10.2014 Helping Nordic SMEs in growth markets with new tool

    Nordic SMEs that want to increase their presence in growth markets can now get assistance from the Growth Market Partner Tool that was launched through a webinar 21 October.
  • 25.09.2014 Nordic Innovation House opens in Silicon Valley

    Nordic ICT companies aiming for USA just got a big push as the The Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley opened its doors.
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