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    Nordic Built has become Nordic Built Cities

    A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the Nordic Built project!
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    Ellebo Garden Room approved!

    The tenants in Ellebo have approved the building of Ellebo Garden Room, the winner of the Nordic Built Challenge. The plan is for Adam Khan's project to be started in spring 2016 and be finalised by spring 2018.
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    Do you want to help promote the Nordic Built Charter?

    Nordic Innovation seeks a consultant for the development and production of a collection of examples that shows what the Nordic Built Charter can do in practice, and a publication based on the collection of examples.
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    Nordic Built inspires new competition

    Inspired by the Nordic Built Challenge, Norwegian real estate company Entra launches a new international design and innovation competition together with FutureBuilt called Urban+.
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    Sustainable renovation through Nordic collaboration

    13 projects have received funding through the Nordic Built programme. They cover widely different areas of the sustainable building sector, but share two main points: sustainability and Nordic collaboration.
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    Do you have the urban challenge we are looking for to the Nordic Built Cities Challenge?

    Is your city in the early stages of planning a challenging urban development project related to an urban space? Are you looking for multidisciplinary, innovative solutions? Through the Nordic Built Cities Challenge we offer you a unique opportunity to get access to the best solutions from across the Nordic region.
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    Smart Retro launches acceleration programme

    Nordic Built funded project Smart Retro launches a free acceleration programme for Nordic startups to make cities smarter, radically more sustainable and more attractive.
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    – An attractive city is a sustainable one

    Norwegian city planner Geir Egilsson thinks that developing an attractive city makes a sustainable one – and that it is good for business. He welcomes new innovative solutions and Nordic Built Cities.
  • [9i11inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo10on.S9orDaeTi10e3or10a 3or no]

    Taking the reins of Nordic Built

    Meet new Nordic Built project manager Kristina Mårtensson!
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    Nordic Built 2.0 becomes Nordic Built Cities

    The future city should be one where both people and businesses thrive in a sustainable way. The Nordic Built principles might just be the key.
  • [9i19inA.D. ex .Nor1icBuilCo16on.S4orDaeTi16e4or16a 4or no]

    - Social responsibility is extra important

    Jennie Fridolin, one of the brains behind Swedish Nordic Built Challenge finalist Fittja Peoples Palace, talks about social responsibility and sustainability in Swedish magazine Byggbiz.
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    The workshops report is out!

    We spent April hosting workshops in all five Nordic capitals to get your input on what the new Nordic Built 2.0 program should be like. Now you can see the final report as well as photos from some of the workshops.
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    SURE! Nordic Built for Sustainable Retrofitting project kicks off

    SURE! is one of the 13 funded projects through the Nordic Built funding program. Now it has come to life with a website and an ambition to develop a sustainable retrofitting concept for multi-storey buildings.
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    20 million NOK is only a few clicks away

    Nordic Built has launched a new call for proposals for innovation projects that promote sustainable building in the Nordic region and export of Nordic solutions beyond the region, with a total of 20 million NOK available.
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    – A great platform for innovation

    Both the Charter and the Challenge received praise when the Danish ambassador group invited to debate the Charter as a dialogue tool between developers and companies at KAB in Copenhagen Wednesday 26 March.
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    These are the 13 funded projects

    The result of last year's call for proposals is finalised, and together with our funding partners we are proud to present the 13 projects that have been approved for funding.
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    Funded projects soon to be revealed

    The projects selected for funding after last year’s call for proposals will soon be announced. Also, there will be new funding opportunities in April.
  • [2i28inA.D. ex .Nor18icBuilCo44on.S3orDaeTi44e2or44a 2or no]

    Nordic Built 2.0 needs a new project manager

    Nordic Innovation needs to new senior advisers, and one of them will be the new project manager of Nordic Built 2.0. Application deadline is 28 February.
  • [1i00inA.D. ex .Nor17icBuilCo42on.S8orDaeTi42eor42a 0or no]

    Trine Pertou Mach leaves Nordic Built

    Trine Pertou Mach becomes part of the parliamentary group of the Danish Socialist People’s Party (SF), where she replaces Villy Søvndal that before Christmas left the Parliament because of ill health.
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    The Nordic Built Charter now available in Chinese

    The Nordic Built Charter principles are spreading! The Charter has been translated to Chinese, and can be used by anyone in the building sector operating in the Chinese region.
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    The Nordic Built Challenge is over – what happens next?

    The winners of the Nordic Built Challenge have been selected. Now the focus will be on the realization of the five proposals – and we will keep you updated on the process.
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    Nordic Built 2.0 is coming up!

    The Nordic Ministers for Trade and Industry have decided that Nordic Built will continue for 4 more years, until the end of 2017.
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    Download a newsletter with all the winners in the Nordic Built Challenge!

    Want a brief summary of the five winning projects in the Nordic Built Challenge? Download our newsletter for free!
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    Swedish Minister for Enterprise: Stepping up a gear in Nordic Built

    When the Swedish Minister for Enterprise, Annie Lööf, announced the final winner of the Nordic Built Challenge, she praised the strong commitment of the Nordic construction industry.
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    Ellebo Garden Room is the final winner of the Nordic Built Challenge

    The first prize in the Nordic Built Challenge goes to the Danish project Ellebo Garden Room that points to new ways towards more climate-friendly construction.
  • [10i12inA.D. ex .Nor17icBuilCo39on.S12orDaeTi39e5or39a 5or no]

    “What does it really mean to have a home?”

    The final winners of the Nordic Built Challenge are Adam Khan Architects in London, together with Daniel Serafimovski Architects, Kristine Jensens Tegnestue and Price & Myers. Below you can read an interview with Adam Khan, representing the very happy team behind the project Ellebo Garden Room.
  • [10i00inA.D. ex .Nor4icBuilCo45on.S9orDaeTi45eor45a 0or no]

    3 cities - 3 events

    In October and November it is possible to participate in debates and discussions on the Nordic Built-initiative in 3 Nordic cities: Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.
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    “Effective solutions require a whole-of-sector approach”

    The World Green Building Council has published a report on collaborative green building policy-making. Among the listed case studies from around the world is Nordic Built.
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    Cape Green vinnur Nordic Built Challenge samkeppni á Island

    Íslenskur hópur undir forystu VA arkitekta vinnur alþjóðlega keppni um vistvæna endurhönnun Höfðabakka 9 með tillögu sinni sem nefnd er Cape Green.
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    These are the five winners of the Nordic Built Challenge

    Solar chimneys, ice storage, recycled materials, green balconies and solutions to how affordable housings can be refurbished in a way that is both sustainable and scalable – without major rent increases and rehousing of the residents. These are some of the suggestions from the winning proposals to the Nordic Built Challenge.
  • [9i00inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo52on.S12orDaeTi52eor52a 0or no]

    Equilibrium voitti Nordic Built Challenge- kilpailun Suomessa

    KVA Arkkitehdit Oy työryhmineen voitti Suomen Nordic Built Challenge -kilpailun ja lähtee tavoittelemaan ehdotuksellaan Nordic Built Challengen pääpalkintoa.
  • [9i00inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo42on.S12orDaeTi42eor42a 0or no]

    Ellebo Garden Room vinder Nordic Built Challenge i Danmark

    Ellebo Garden Room af Adam Khan Architects er det bedste forslag til bæredygtig rehabilitering af Ballerup Ejendomsselskabs boligafdeling, Ellebo.
  • [9i00inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo06on.S12orDaeTi6eor6a 0or no]

    Urban Mountain er vinner av Nordic Built Challenge i Norge

    Urban Mountain er valgt til det beste forslaget for mulig rehabilitering av Posthuset i Oslo.
  • [9i00inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo02on.S12orDaeTi2eor2a 0or no]

    Fittja People’s Palace vinner Nordic Built Challenge i Sverige

    Är det möjligt att renovera miljonprogrammet på ett sätt som är miljömässigt hållbart och samtidigt undgå stor hyreshöjningar för de boende? Arkitektkontoret Spridd har tillsammans med NCC utarbetat ett förslag som uppfyller bägge kriterierna och gör dem till vinnare av Nordic Built Challenge i Sverige.
  • [8i00inA.D. ex .Nor27icBuilCo56on.S2orDaeTi56eor56a 0or no]

    Meet the winners of the Nordic Built Challenge

    The five winners of the Nordic Built Challenge will be announced at the Sweden Green Building Conference (Ekobyggmässan) on 11 September. Join us in Stockholm to get a closer introduction to the winning projects - and to meet your colleagues in the Nordic building industry!
  • [7i00inA.D. ex .Nor4icBuilCo23on.S2orDaeTi23eor23a 0or no]

    Danish finalists aroused great interest

    Industry players, competition participants and tenants gathered at KAB in Copenhagen on 1 July to take a closer look at the proposals of the four finalists in the Danish competition of the Nordic Built Challenge.
  • [6i00inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo13on.S11orDaeTi13eor13a 0or no]

    Sustainable retrofitting in focus at FutureBuilt

    The theme for the second day of the FutureBuilt-conference at Bærum Kulturhus in Sandvika, Norway, was climate-friendly transformation and rehabilitation.
  • [6i00inA.D. ex .Nor4icBuilCo29on.S9orDaeTi29eor29a 0or no]

    47 teams applied for funding

    Nordic Built and funding partners have received 47 applications for funding of innovative Nordic projects within sustainable refurbishment.
  • [5i00inA.D. ex .Nor8icBuilCo50on.S3orDaeTi50eor50a 0or no]

    From visions to action in the Nordic building industry

    On 2-3 May key players from across the Nordic building industry convened at the Nordic Built Arena II in Stockholm to develop common Nordic concepts for sustainable and energy efficient construction - using the Nordic Built Charter as a platform.
  • [4i00inA.D. ex .Nor17icBuilCo44on.S2orDaeTi44eor44a 0or no]

    Successful signing event in Norway

    We are proud to announce that 9 more companies signed the Nordic Built Charter in Oslo, which means that the total number of signees soon reaches 130.
  • [3i17inA.D. ex .Nor21icBuilCo27on.S2orDaeTi27e1or27a 1or no]

    Call for proposals: Accelerating Nordic competitive concepts for a sustainable built environment

    Nordic Innovation and national cooperation partners have launched a joint Nordic funding programme for innovation, R&D and demonstration projects within sustainable retrofitting of the existing building stock.
  • [2i00inA.D. ex .Nor18icBuilCo44on.S1orDaeTi44eor44a 0or no]

    171 proposals submitted for the Nordic Built Challenge

    A total of 171 teams have submitted their proposals for how the five buildings of the Nordic Built Challenge can be refurbished in a sustainable, viable and scalable way.
  • [2i00inA.D. ex .Nor3icBuilCo10on.S10orDaeTi10eor10a 0or no]

    Challenges and solutions discussed at the Nordic GBC’s conference

    “Even though there are technical differences, our mindset and the way we approach things are very similar. In short, we share a relatively homogeneous Nordic market – and we should take advantage of this.The Nordic Built funding program gives the Nordic building sector an opportunity to really work together across borders and use the strongholds that each country has to offer.”
  • [1i00inA.D. ex .Nor25icBuilCo41on.S1orDaeTi41eor41a 0or no]

    IEA: The building sector plays vital part for carbon neutrality

    International Energy Agency (IEA) underlines the role of the building sector when it comes to achieving the emission reduction targets in the Nordic countries.
  • [1i00inA.D. ex .Nor24icBuilCo09on.S4orDaeTi9eor9a 0or no]

    Large interest in the Nordic Built Challenge

    With two weeks left until the competition deadline, there have been more than 1.500 unique downloads of the competition documents for the five buildings.
  • [1i00inA.D. ex .Nor23icBuilCo33on.S11orDaeTi33eor33a 0or no]

    Nordic Built Arena 2 is coming up!

    The second Nordic Built Arena will be held in Stockholm on 2-3 May. More information will follow.
  • [12i00inA.D. ex .Nor19icBuilCo05on.S11orDaeTi5eor5a 0or no]

    Meet our new project manager!

    Since mid-november Danish Trine Pertou Mach is the project leader for Nordic Built.
  • [12i00inA.D. ex .Nor13icBuilCo11on.S4orDaeTi11eor11a 0or no]

    Check out pictures from our events!

    Pictures from our previous activities are now available at Flickr.
  • [12i00inA.D. ex .Nor11icBuilCo14on.S12orDaeTi14eor14a 0or no]

    Rockwool and Grundfos joined Nordic Built

    The large Danish companies both signed the Nordic Built Charter at Copenhagen City Hall on 10 December.
  • [11i00inA.D. ex .Nor29icBuilCo44on.S11orDaeTi44eor44a 0or no]

    A chartered trip to the future

    Kim Robert Lisø of Skanska explains why Skanska is committed to the 10 principles of the Nordic Built Charter in the Norwegian building sector publication,
  • [11i00inA.D. ex .Nor18icBuilCo33on.S2orDaeTi33eor33a 0or no]

    “Nordic and green is not necessarily an advantage”

    - When it comes to sustainable building, the US is clearly lagging behind Europe. But a change is taking place, and it is now faster than ever, says Carsten Nørgaard, business development manager at the Danish company Grundfos.
  • [11i00inA.D. ex .Nor18icBuilCo31on.S2orDaeTi31eor31a 0or no]

    The Nordic greening of Stanford

    A couple of months ago, the Swedish company Alfa Laval was contacted by Stanford University. They wanted to upgrade the heating system in the campus area, and so they turned their eyes towards the Nordic region.
  • [11i00inA.D. ex .Nor9icBuilCo04on.S9orDaeTi4eor4a 0or no]

    The Nordic Built Challenge is now open!

    Nordic Built Challenge, consisting of five unique, multidisciplinary design and refurbishment competitions, was launched on 8 November.
  • [10i00inA.D. ex .Nor25icBuilCo18on.S8orDaeTi18eor18a 0or no]

    Nordic Built – what has happened so far?

    By now, 75 companies have signed the Nordic Built Charter and committed to implement its principles in their strategy and work to deliver competitive solutions for sustainable construction.
  • [10i00inA.D. ex .Nor15icBuilCo26on.S1orDaeTi26eor26a 0or no]

    NRK's report gives incorrect impression of the Nordic Built Challenge

    NRK's story in Søndagsrevyen on 14 October gives an incorrect impression of the competition Nordic Built Challenge, which is scheduled for launch on 8 November.
  • [10i00inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo06on.S4orDaeTi6eor6a 0or no]

    These are the buildings of the Nordic Built Challenge!

    On 8 November you can meet the building owners in Stockholm, when the competition will be officially launched.
  • [10i00inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo00on.S3orDaeTi0eor0a 0or no]

    Copenhagen has joined Nordic Built

    The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, has now signed the Nordic Built Charter on behalf of the City of Copenhagen.
  • [10i00inA.D. ex .Nor10icBuilCo56on.S2orDaeTi56eor56a 0or no]

    Icelandic Ministers committed to Nordic Built

    The Icelandic Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Education and Culture have both signed the Nordic Built Charter, and four new public buildings will be built in accordance to its principles.