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Innovation in the Nordic marine sector - Call for proposals module 3 - Reputation enhanced by innovation

  • Publisert 29.04.2011
The Nordic Innovation on behalf of the Nordic partners of the programme “Innovation in the Nordic marine sector” invites to submit project applications to module 3 of the programme.

This is the final call for proposals in this program. The previous call, module 2, with the total Nordic financial amount of NOK 6 mill, is open untill the announced deadline 8. August 2011. Click to read more about the preivious call.


Module 3

Good reputation of the Nordic marine sector and marine products is important in a competitive global market. Market oriented innovation is essential in order to maintain and further strengthen good reputation and thereby contribute to profitable and competitive Nordic marine sector.  


User driven innovation in the marine sector is emphasised in this call which offers long term cooperation between partners with special focus on strengthening business to business (B2B), business to research (B2R) and business to customer/consumer (B2C) cooperation in the Nordic region. Projects in this module shall contribute to at least one of the following:

  1. More sustainable marine sector
  2. Higher quality of marine raw material and products
  3. Diversity of seafood or other marine based products

The total Nordic financial amount for this call is NOK 24 mill, but can be extended in case of national co-financing of projects. Funding concerning each specific project will be based on evaluation of all incoming projects according to defined criteria.

Deadline for project proposals within all three themes in module 3 is set to 8. August 2011 at 15:00 Norwegian time.


The application deadline has expired.

This programme has now been closed for further applications.