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  • 18/04/2011

    10 very promising early stage companies reached the final of the first Nordic Cleantech Open competition. On 13th of April they presented their business ideas in front of a large group of international investors in beautiful surroundings at Axelborg in Copenhagen. Ambitious Swedish lighting company Ecospark was awarded first place, based on its presentation and impressive growth potential. more

  • 16/09/2011

    In December 2010, Nordic Innovation’s board, management and staff finalised a new strategy for the following four years, placing emphasis on pro-active innovation efforts, networking initiatives and knowledge sharing between the Nordic countries. more

  • 19/05/2011

    Torsdag 19. mai møttes ledende nordiske investorer innenfor såkornkapital i Stockholm for tredje år på rad. Samlingen er en del av Nordic Seed Capital Initiative, som sikter på å utvikle investeringsmarkedet for nyetablerte og lovende nordiske bedrifter. more

  • 24/08/2011

    This spring Nordic Innovation published two calls offering a total of 30 mill NOK in funding proposals for Nordic marine innovation projects. The calls returned no less than 33 proposals from a range of businesses and organisations in the Nordic region. On the whole the applicants have applied for the net sum of 112 965 mill. NOK more

  • 16/09/2011

    Innovation across cultures was the main topic of a session at World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2011 in Dalian, China, with Ivar H. Kristensen from Nordic Innovation as one of the participants. more

  • 27/09/2011

    Seks dedikerte mateksperter er mentorer i prosjektet Nordic Food in DC Schools: De kårer vinnerne av kokkekonkurransen og skal sammen med de unge kokkene introdusere nordisk mat til amerikanske elever. more

  • 01/11/2011

    En nordisk ombudsman för gränshinderfrågor skall bidra till att lösa existerande gränshinderproblem i Norden. more


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