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  • Published 16/03/2011
As a part of Nordic Top-level Research Initiative, TOPNANO addresses nanotechnology coatings for anti-freezing for efficiency in power generation and safety of aircrafts and wind turbines.


From 01/09/2010
To 31/08/2013

Ice causes major problems on airplanes, in wind turbines and in heat exchangers. Today’s methods using heating and chemical treatments are expensive, can be inefficient and non sustainable. Nanotechnology can create surfaces where the ice does not stick. The technology is now being developed in the TopNANO project.


TopNANO is a Nordic research project with support from the Top-level Research Initiative and will run 2010-2013. The aim is to develop sustainable and efficient methods based on nanotechnology to reduce problems and costs with ice build-up. YKI, the Institute for Surface Chemistry in Stockholm is leading the project together with industrial and research partners from four different Nordic countries. The project budget is close to 38 MSEK (4 million Euro). More than half of the budget is through industrial in-kind.


For participating industrial companies the TopNANO project will run in parallel with already existing projects and activities in wind, aircraft and heat exchangers. Of key importance for TopNANO is the transfer of knowledge to Nordic industry, and more importantly, through direct industry-academia collaborations evaluate new surface materials and benchmark against systems used today and to use the project and partner group as a platform to mount EU projects.


Project participants



Agne Swerin (project manager), YKI Institute for Surface Chemistry


Additional project participant will be confirmed Spring 2011.