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Research towards Nordic industrialization of The-Salt-and-Paper Battery (S&P Battery)

  • Published 16/03/2011
As a part of Nordic Top-level Research Initiative, S&P Battery researches on a new type of cellulose-based nanomaterials for energy storage devices.


From 01/09/2010
To 01/09/2013

The objective of the project is to carry out the research and development necessary for forming the foundation for future commercialisation of a new type of paper-based, environmentally friendly supercapacitors and batteries.


The project will be carried out by user-driven research on a new type of cellulose-based nanomaterials for novel, efficient and environmentally friendly energy storage devices involving a constellation of Nordic-based institutions and industrial companies active throughout the entire chain from basic research to production.


The innovative design of the proposed energy storage systems is based on the technology of coating individual cellulose fibers by 50 nanometer thick layers of conductive polymer to obtain a lightweight, flexible, mechanically robust, electrode material of large surface area exhibiting good charge capacity and very high charging rates.


Since the proposed energy storage devices involve water-based electrolytes and most likely can be manufactured entirely of non-metal components, these devices should represent a largely unexploited resource for production of easily-disposable environmentally friendly energy storage systems.


Project participants

Mateo Santurio (project manager)
Uppsala University Project AB and Uppsala University

FoV Fabrics AB

ETC Battery and Fuel Cells


VTT Technical Research Center of Finland


FMC Biopolymer