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Procurement standard for cleaning services

  • Published 10/03/2011
Private businesses and public agencies working on international, national, regional, or local level are compelled to utilize the cleaning services of external providers.


From 01/12/2009
To 31/12/2011

Despite the increasing number of public tenders and the very high quality expected of cleaning services, contracts are still in the majority of the cases awarded solely on the basis of price.


A procurement standard for cleaning services and cleaning related services will give guidance to the provider and purchaser of such services.


This project will contribute to a more open market by making a tool increasing the comparability and transparency of the service delivered. A procurement standard in the field of cleaning services will provide a framework and reference system for procurement purposes. It will improve procurement processes and the efficiency of both public and private procurement.


The standard will allow procurers to use tried and tested processes to procure cleaning services that they can be sure will meet their objectiveness. The standard/specification will focus on both price and quality factors including financial, economical and technical capacity, quality issues and environmental aspects.