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One Stop Shop in Sustainable renovation

  • Published 10/03/2011
  • Last updated 13/03/2011
Aiming to facilitate market penetration of housing renovations for family houses of high energy standard while providing comfort and sustainability to occupants.


From 01/09/2010
To 31/01/2012

One Stop Shop in Sustainable renovation is one of two projects the Nordic Innovation Centre funds within the ERA-Net Eracobuild. Eracobuild is a network of national R&D programmes focusing on construction and sustainable built environments and aims to develop synergies between national programmes by sharing strategies and establishing joint programmes and projects.


One Stop Shop in Sustainable Renovation
At present throughout all European countries (to higher or lesser degree) advanced renovations of residential buildings is an emerging market, implemented in demonstration projects only (typically financially supported by subsidies). SMEs that are involved are the front-runners on the market / trend setters in renovation activities of the residential sector.

One of the existing barrier is on one hand, in fragmentation of the renovation process that is shared between many SMEs doing fraction of a number of renovation measures. On the other hand, a house owner lacks a possibility to find in a structured way for all information concerning decisions on renovation solutions, examples, contacts with building companies and quality assurance, and financial support opportunities. These two problems are the core that are addressed in this project.

The overall project aim of the project is to facilitate market penetration (volume market) of housing renovations for single family houses of very high energy standard while providing superior comfort and sustainability to occupants.

Main objectives are:
- Clustering Innovative Technologies to reduce fragmentation of the renovation process, specifically for SMEs to increase their knowledge, skills, capacity and competitiveness in offering holistic and cost effective renovation solutions.

- Development of one stop shop (tool) for sustainable renovation as platform for house owners (in support to their well informed investment decisions, easy access to renovation contractors with high quality whole building solutions house renovation), and companies in offering holistic renovation solutions.

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