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The Innovation Radar

  • Published 16/03/2011
The Innovation Radar is a tool, developed by the Kellogg School of Management’s researchers; Mohan Sawhney, Robert C. Wolcott and Inigo Arroniz.

In order to develop a successful innovation strategy, companies will benefit from a common framework and tools to measure and manage their innovation activities in a holistic manner. Since early 2008, the Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) has studied and tested internationally acclaimed innovation tools with the aim to find and introduce the most effective tool to improve the competitiveness of Nordic businesses. One of the most promising and acknowledged tools identified through this testing is the Innovation Radar, which forms the basic framework for the MMI Programme.


Innovation Radar image (Source: Mohanbir Sawhney, Robert C. Wolcott and Inigo Arroniz, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University)The radar provides a 360 degree visual overview of companies' current innovation focus and strategic positioning. This is a result of an extensive data analysis based on an online assessment test performed by six or more managers from the company. The radar profile serves as a point of departure for strategic development and broadens the spectrum beyond product delivery and into value creation, by covering innovation in four major business dimensions:

    * Offerings a company creates (WHAT)
    * Customers it serves (WHO)
    * Processes it employs (HOW)
    * Points of Presence it uses to take its offerings to market (WHERE)

From these four dimensions, the radar will enable businesses to innovate in 12 areas: Offerings, platform, solutions, customers, customer experience, value capture, processes, organization, supply chain, presence, networking and brand.


View the video Innovation Radar - How it works? Interview with Professor Robert Wolcott from Kellogg School of Management and Ken Atwater, senior leader at GE Healthcare Information Technology Solutions.