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Participation and national contact points for the MMI programme

  • Published 16/03/2011
The 100 Nordic companies that are chosen to participate in the MMI programme, will be selected by the national innovation agencies.

The programme is developed by the Nordic Innovation Centre in cooperation with the national innovation agencies in the Nordic region: Tekes, Vinnova, Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Trade Council Denmark, Innovation Center Iceland (IMPRA), Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council. The programme is carried out during the period of 2010 – 2012, with participation from 100 Nordic companies.

The 100 Nordic companies that are chosen to participate in the MMI programme, will be selected by the national innovation agencies.

When selecting companies emphasis will be placed on getting a good mix of companies from different sectors, and to include both service- and product providers, companies of different sizes and maturity levels.

Criteria for all participating companies*:

  • Nordic (domiciled) company with operations in a Nordic country
  • Ambitious and motivated to innovate and grow
  • At least two years of age
  • Has launched its first product or service in the market
  • 10 or more employees
  • Good English language skills

*= The national innovation agencies may have additional criteria when selecting companies.

The MMI programme consists of online innovation profiling tests, workshops and seminars. Participating companies will over the course of two years get to take three online innovation tests and receive detailed Innovation Radar profiles. There will be a company-specific strategic innovation workshop at each company’s premises led by Kellogg School of Management certified consultants. Participants will also take part in national and Nordic innovation seminars to learn the latest within innovation thinking, network and exchange experiences with 100 innovative Nordic companies. Programme process details can be found in the MMI brochure.

All programme costs are covered by Nordic Innovation Centre and is free of charge to invited companies completing the programme. Participants cover only their own travel costs to seminars and work hours.

For further information on how to nominate your company for the MMI programme and to find out more about the selection process for companies in your country, please contact one of the national contact persons for the MMI programme in your respective country:

Innovasjon Norge, Ottar Hermansen, Phone: +47 906 65 413
Forskningsrådet, Paul Istvan Bencze, Phone: +47 9056 2926

Vinnova, Kjell-Håkon Närfelt, Phone: +46 8 473 30 47

TEKES, Kristiina Laurila, Phone: +358 1060 55 780

Forsknings og Innovasjonsstyrelsen, Jan Windmüller, Phone: +45 33929774
Danmarks Eksportråd, Pia Stabak, Phone: +45 33920000
Erhvervs- og Byggestyrelsen (EBST), Sigrid Dahlerup, Phone: +45 35466218

Innovation Center Iceland (IMPRA), Berglind Halgrimsdottir, +354 5229000