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Nordic Partnership for Entrepreneurship and Financing

Foto: Jørgen Jacob Jensen
  • Published 17/06/2014
Creating a world-leading region for scalable entrepreneurship.

Nordic Partnership for Entrepreneurship and Financing


From 01/01/2014
To 31/12/2017

The Nordic region is emerging as one of the world’s leading geographies for entrepreneurship and innovation.

We have a high level of startup activity, but young firms seem to lack the resources and skills to grow into large, successful enterprises realising their global potential.


This Nordic lighthouse project aims to promote entrepreneurship and business by strengthening entrepreneurial skills and improving access to finance. The vision is to make the Nordic region a world leader in scalable entrepreneurship.


A user-driven project

To ensure the user relevance of initiatives and actions under the lighthouse project, a steering group of some of the Nordics' most experienced and interesting serial entrepreneurs and investors have been recruited by Nordic Innovation. The supergroup have, in collaboration with Nordic Innovation, developed the overall strategy and propose actions for the lighthouse project and will represent the programme as action ambassadors.


Action areas

@ Nordic insights, optimization and alignment of framework conditions

@ Improving Nordic entrepreneurs’ scaling and go to market capabilities

@ Helping startups attract Nordic and international talent

@ Promoting Nordic region’s growth entrepreneurship scene

@ Improving access to capital for young scalable Nordic companies


Nordic Entrepreneurship Arena

In the early fall 2014, around a hundred key public and private stakeholders from all over the Nordics were invited to the Nordic Entrepreneurship Arena to give their view on what could be done to create a world leading region for scalable entrepreneurship. 


Watch a video reportage from the Nordic Entrepreneurship Arena:





The Nordic Cooperation Programme for Innovation and Business Policy 2014-2017 has growth entrepreneurship and financing as one of the main priority areas for Nordic cooperation in this programme period. The Icelandic Ministry of Industry and Innovation leads the lighthouse project Nordic Partnership for Entrepreneurship and Financing 2014-2017. Nordic Innovation has been appointed as the secretariat to ensure broad Nordic involvement.  

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In October 2013, the Nordic Trade and Industry Ministers agreed on a new industrial and innovation policy cooperation program focusing on sustainable growth. Five lighthouse projects were launched for the period 2014-2017. Nordic Innovation is contributing to the realisation of the projects together with the Nordic countries.