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Lighthouse project: Innovation programme for climate friendly building

  • Published 13/03/2011
The Lighthouse project: Innovation Programme for Climate Friendly Building has been established as part of the Nordic Collaboration Programme for Innovation and Industry Policy 2011-2013.


From 01/01/2011
To 31/12/2013

In 2010, the Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers launched a new globalisation initiative aimed at establishing a framework for a joint Nordic innovation programme in climate friendly building. A Nordic working group carried out an analysis, and its report Nordic Analysis of Climate Friendly Buildings concluded that there is a strong base on which to create a joint Nordic innovation programme.


The Lighthouse project Innovation Programme for Climate Friendly Building has thus been established as part of the Nordic Collaboration Programme for Innovation and Industry Policy 2011-2013.


Ambitious climate goals and a pressing need for innovation
All five Nordic countries have set themselves very ambitious goals for the reduction of energy consumption in the building sector. The building sector in the Nordic countries also has a great deal in common, such as choice of materials, building practice and climate. The customers have similar needs. There are therefore many things that naturally lead towards a joint Nordic innovation programme for climate friendly buildings.


- The Nordic innovation programme is intended to build on ongoing national initiatives in climate friendly building, and it is our ambition to be a bridge builder and a creator of added Nordic value for the individual countries. Being part of the Nordic innovation programme will have national benefits, says Innovation adviser Eili Vigestad Berge at Nordic Innovation Centre.


During the course of 2011, a funding consortium will be established, consisting of national organisations that themselves operate programmes in energy efficiency, sustainable urban development and building.

Expectations of what can be achieved together are running high.
- The Nordic countries have a great deal to gain by working together, instead of all sitting on their own mounds developing solutions to the same problems, says Vigestad Berge. One of the first important tasks for the programme will be to identify the areas where working together will create the greatest mutual benefit.


A long term commitment
Over the last ten years, Nordic Innovation Centre has implemented a number of projects relating to building and construction. This new initiative is a natural extension of the organisation’s long term focus on building. 

- We consider it both exciting and relevant for Nordic Innovation Centre to be involved in this programme. This initiative allows us to continue our long and solid commitment to building, with regard to both innovation in the sector generally and in sustainable building. It also gives the organisation a unique opportunity to use our expertise to create interaction between Nordic organisations, says Vigestad Berge. 

The programme will be launched during the course of 2011. DKK 7.5 million a year has been earmarked by the Nordic Council of Ministers; national organisations will also be invited to give financial support and Nordic Innovation Centre will also contribute from its own funds.

- Together, we shall create a substantial programme, in terms of both content and finance, says Vigestad Berge. 

Updates on the website
All interested parties are invited to stay in touch with Nordic Innovation Centre’s new website for updates regarding the programme. Also on the website you will find the report Nordic Analysis of Climate Friendly Buildings, and the synthesis report "Bygg for fremtiden - Innovasjon i nordisk byggsektor" (Building for the future – innovation in the Nordic building sector), which is a summary of Nordic Innovation Centre’s building sector initiatives in recent years.