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Ecosystem for Nordic clinical practice guidelines - development, dissemination and maintenance

The project team.
  • Published 23/02/2016
Creating common Nordic clinical guidelines.

P 14072 - Ecosystem for Nordic clinical practice guideline development, dissemination and maintenance


From 01/01/2015
To 31/12/2017


Clinical practice guidelines seek to offer advice and recommendations in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. They should be based on best available evidence and systematically developed. Research shows that large patient categories can be underserved due to how symptoms are described. 


In this project, members of the Guideline International Network (GIN) Nordic aims to develop, test and evaluate a Nordic ecosystem for developing, disseminating and updating evidence based Nordic clinical guidelines. The project shall be considered a pilot within GIN International, with the aim to verify academic and technological robustness and efficiency. When proven successful we have established an open framework for international adaptation that may be recommended and further shared through GIN International.





  • Establish permanent forum(s) for cooperation.
  • Work sharing in place.
  • Data sharing in place.
  • Common tools / technology enablers for authoring and publishing guidelines.
  • Third party companies leveraging upon our ecosystem.
  • Publish guidelines developed through this project.



Planned activities


  • On the people side we aim to standardise processes for logistic and methodological support and build competence. 
  • On the technology side we will test and develop web-based platforms that together will provide integrated solutions.



Project partners:



The Norwegian Directorate of Health (project lead), The MAGIC Foundation 


The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare 




Project map

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