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Innovation and standardisation

  • Published 12/03/2011
What role can standards play to support innovation processes? How can standardisation processes lead to standards that support or at least not hamper innovation?

There is a growing international interest in how and to what extent standards can play a role to support innovation processes as well as an interest in how standardisation processes can lead to the formulation of new and/or revised standards that support or at least not hamper innovation. The standardisation organisations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark have in cooperation with the Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) therefore explored the potential of developing the innovation enhancing role of standards in selected industries as well as in relation to public procurement in the Nordic countries.


So far there has been no systematic clarification of when and how specific standards can support innovation. The enquiry’s goal is therefore to clarify the understanding of standards’ possible effects on innovation and to gather experiences and understand practices that can assist users, industry association, companies, standards bodies, authorities, innovation advisors and other stake holders in their efforts to facilitate innovation.


Innovation processes and the standards infrastructures are complex and interdependent systems that consist of a large number of activities. The aim of this project is to identify standards with different characteristics and scope that can help to enhance innovation in various ways and areas.

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