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Experience economy

  • Published 04/03/2011
Experiences is a source of growth for businesses within the service sectors.

Creative Industries, Innovation in the tourism sector and New Nordic Food are initiatives all feeding into the Experience Economy concept. By Experience Economy we mean all businesses within the services sectors of tourism, restaurants, service providers and creative industries - all creating new value for customers.


Nordic Innovation has over the years invested, in a number of initiatives within these sectors which use experiences as a source of growth and broad value creation. The companies can add value to their product and services by using unique experiences as a source of innovation and thereby gain new market opportunities.


NICe tourism programme, 2008-2010

NICe is proud to present a portfolio of seven innovation projects constituting the tourism programme “Innovation in Nordic Tourism – New Products and Services”. The selection process has been through several rounds of evaluation involving industry experts from all Nordic countries. We have performed an extensive analysis of each project application, its programme relevance, novelty value, potential Nordic dimension and impact, plan of action, deliverables, management consortium, and more.


A Creative Economy Green Paper for the Nordic Region, 2007

The objective of this Green Paper is to open up a policy debate about the drivers of the Creative Industries in the Nordic region, and to understand the opportunities and challenges facing the sector. It is designed to help policy-makers from the local to national level recognize the potential – and seriousness – of the Creative Economy; and identify ways to support the Creative Industries in a more coordinated, connected way.