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Designing Effective Nordic Innovation Programme (DENIP)

  • Published 10/03/2011
The main purpose of the DENIP programme is to enhance the knowledge and competences on measurement and design of innovation programs and tools, and securing that the programs fit company needs and drive innovation and growth.


From 01/06/2010
To 10/03/2011

The main target groups for the initiative are innovation program managers, and policy makers working with infrastructure support to the national innovation systems.


Designing Effective Nordic Innovation Programmes (DENIP) is an initiative under Nordic Innovation’s continuous programme Innovation for Nordic Growth (InnoGrowth), encompassing knowledge, competence and capital.


Public support schemes and programs which aim to help companies on their innovation quest have existed for a number of years. Each year the Nordic countries spend much resources on supporting new growth and designing new programmes. Since the future of the Nordic economies depend on the competitiveness of Nordic firms, it is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of public support schemes and ask: To what extent are these programmes successful and aligned with company needs?


Designing effective programs and tools to support innovation requires a new approach to evaluation in order to better target the process and needs of business development and growth. Since achieving innovation is a complex process, public support programs need to work as effective incentives supporting this non-linear path to innovation. We thus need indicators to measure output and actual performance, rather than only measuring traditional R&D inputs.


Indicators matching company needs is missing in the new broad landscape of innovation.

Based on the findings and recommendations of the Accenture study “Analysis of national governmental funded innovation programs” commissioned by Nordic Innovation in 2008, we see a need for building Nordic synergies and knowhow on evaluation of innovation programmes in the Nordic countries. The study identified 117 programs where very few of them have well defined performance indicators. We need a more systematic approach to develop and using the indicators. Indicators are neither standardized within countries nor at a Nordic level. Also a large number of programmes are not targeted to support specific business needs.


The project will complement and coordinate national actions supporting growth and development with specific focus on evaluation and design of innovation programs. Nordic Innovation proposes by this project to initiate a Nordic coordination for learning and knowledge exchange about indicators, evaluation and design. The project also intends to investigate opportunities for national co-financing of initiatives supporting the project at a later stage.