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Business model innovation in tourism and experience industries

  • Published 06/04/2011
With the programme Business Model Innovation in Tourism and Experience Industries (BMI Tourism and Experience), Nordic Innovation and the OECD initiate a joint cooperation programme.


From 06/04/2011
To 31/12/2011

OECD 50 logoThe programme has the goal of creating  a broad testing ground for business model innovation and green growth in the tourism and experience industries.


On 5 April, the Nordic Innovation presented the project at the 87th session of the OECD Tourism Committee in Paris, which gave its approval to the initiative. With the project, the Nordic Innovation will collaborate as industry partner to the OECD.  Senior Innovation Advisors Petra Nilsson-Andersen and Jørn Bang Andersen represented the Nordic Innovation at the OECD meeting and reports the following from it.


Business Model Innovation in Tourism and Experience industries

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Nordic Innovation and the OECD will in cooperation with professor Mohan Sawhney, Robert C. Wolcott and Jiyao Chen from Kellogg School of Management, adjust the business model innovation tool ’the Innovation Radar’ to the project . The Nordic Innovation has good experience and results from using the Innovation Radar, for example within the Nordic innovation programme ’ Measured and Managed Innovation’.  The Innovation Radar and connected deep-dive workshops will serve as the platform for working with strategic innovation management within the companies from Nordic and the OECD member states.


The processes to take place in the participaing companies will leverage a shift in mindset and help the managers embed innovation as a natural factor for company growth. By benchmarking companies from both Nordic and other OECD countries, a thorough understanding will be gained from good company cases. The results of the project will show the way forward to other companies in the tourism and services sectors.


The aim of the project is to assess at what level innovation takes place in the Tourism and Experience industry today, including green innovation, and assess what lessons could be drawn from getting specific Nordic-OECD cross-national company insight using the same approach.


30 business cases

The Nordic – OECD BMI Tourism and Experience project will include companies from the tourism industry, services sectors and experience economy areas. 18 companies from Nordic countries and 12 companies from other OECD countries constitute the company cases of the project - in all 30 companies. The project portfolio will provide interesting business cases allowing companies to benchmark main drivers for successful green innovation, thus allowing measures to be developed to increase green innovation, improve environmental performance and develop new markets and business opportunities.  A work schedule is proposed with project start up first quarter of 2011 and with project deliveries planned for the fourth quarter of 2011.



Nordic Innovation has over the years invested in a number of initiatives within the Experience Economy sectors. By Experience Economy we mean all businesses within the services sectors of tourism, restaurants, service providers and creative industries - all creating new value for customers. The Nordic Council of Ministers working group on Nordic Tourism 2010, administrated by the Nordic Innovation, decided on 22 October 2010, to give full support to a new project on business model innovation


As a result of Nordic dialogue meetings on Experience Economy, carried out by Nordic Innovation August 2010, business model innovation was an initiative proposed as an action responding to the needs stated by the Nordic stakeholders.  Furthermore, the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Business & Energy Policies (EK-N) decided in December, 2010 to give full support to the proposed business model Innovation project.