Ellebo Garden Room



Statement from the jury:
The entry is well prepared and reflects a clear position in relation to almost all aspects of the assignment. As compared with the three other entries in Stage 2, this entry stands out in that it divides the large courtyard space into a number of smaller and consequently more urban spaces. Furthermore, the endeavour to create a lively and ‘self-grown’ exterior means that a clear distance is taken from the large-scale housing estates that Ellebo represents.
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Jury statement (pdf)

Statement from the jury: The Nordic Built Challenge Jury has named as Winner of the Nordic Built Challenge Stage 3, Ellebo Garden Room. The decision was unanimous. The winner was also winner of Nordic Built Challenge Denmark.

Ellebo Garden Room demonstrates a transparent process involving the community and a systematic method for physical upgrading. Minor interventions are combined to make a major impact on the estate as a whole, setting a new context. All the while, the upgrading remains affordable. In addition, the Ellebo Garden Room re-sponds to one of the bigger challenges today: transforming the existing housing stock. The Ellebo Garden Room is an example to be followed. 


Project booklet (pdf)
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Jury statement (pdf)


Short description:

The landscape of the estate is transformed into a lively, productive, ecologically-rich shared garden. Comprising a loose ensemble of garden rooms, this allows for diversity of use and habitat. Offering a diverse range of spaces of different character caters for the many different needs of a community and promotes the sense of sharing and pleasures of coexistence.


The proposed strategy for renovation of the structures is a careful combination of maximal retention of the existing structure, substantial new build, complete renovation of the facades and substantial landscape renovation. These are woven together to optimise the efficiency and social effectiveness of the whole project. The rooftop apartments create a new roofscape, while adding high quality apartments - without creating excessive height or shadow.


Authors: Adam Khan Architects



Daniel Serafimovski Architects

Kristine Jensens Tegnestue, Landscape Architects, Aarhus

Price & Myers, Structural and Environmental engineers, London

Team members: Adam Khan, Daniel Serafimovski, Anne Femmer, Camille Sineau, Patrick Fryer, Philip Tompson, James Hand, John Helyer, Vidhi Gupta, Stathis Eleftheriadis

Additional support: Klaus Nielsen A/G, Esbensen A/G