These are the five winners of the Nordic Built Challenge

Solar chimneys, ice storage, recycled materials, green balconies and solutions to how affordable housings can be refurbished in a way that is both sustainable and scalable – without major rent increases and rehousing of the residents. These are some of the suggestions from the winning proposals to the Nordic Built Challenge.
Published 10/09/2013 | Last updated 11/09/2013

Starting with 171 excellent proposals, it is now down to the 5 winners of the Nordic Built Challenge – an open, multidisciplinary design contest for the refurbishment of one building in each Nordic country, which is initiated by Nordic Innovation and the Nordic Council of Ministers.


The winners are (click on the project for an article in each national language):


Finland: Equilibrium
Sweden: Fittja People’s Palace
Norway: Urban Mountain
Iceland: Cape Green
Denmark: Ellebo Garden Room



- They were chosen because they are able to balance the 10 principles of the Nordic Built Charter and to provide sustainable, innovative and workable solutions for refurbishing 5 very typical buildings for the Nordic region, says Trine Pertou Mach, senior innovation adviser at Nordic Innovation and project leader for Nordic Built.


The winners receive a consultancy agreement with the building owners and the opportunity to realize their project. In addition, they will be considered for the overall Nordic Built Challenge Award and a prize of NOK 1.000.000. The final winner will be announced on 17 October 2013.



Overwhelming response

Pertou Mach says that the response to the Nordic Built Challenge has been overwhelming, making it difficult to pick a winner among the many, great proposals.


- Sustainable retrofitting of existing buildings is one of our major societal challenges, and we are happy that so many talented professionals have spent their time to concretize the Nordic Built Charter in order to develop solutions for this.


Nordic Innovation’s ambition is that it will result in five lighthouse projects for the Nordic region, demonstrating the solutions for sustainable refurbishment of the existing building stock, which the Nordic building industry is able to deliver.


- It is important for us to stress that we see this competition as having bigger implications than five excellent refurbishment projects. We hope that it will boost the general interest for sustainable solutions among both procurers and suppliers in the Nordic building sector and abroad.



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