These are the buildings of the Nordic Built Challenge!

On 8 November you can meet the building owners in Stockholm, when the competition will be officially launched.
Published 10/10/2012 | Last updated 10/10/2012

Hippostalo, Tampere, Finland
Posthuset, Oslo, Norway
Botkyrkabyggen,  Stockholm, Sweden
Høfdabakki, Reykjavik, Iceland
Boligafdelingen Ellebo, Ballerup (Copenhagen), Denmark

These are the five buildings in Nordic Built Challenge - one in each Nordic country.


The competition goal is to come up with the best idea on how to retrofit the buildings in a sustainable, innovative and affordable way. The competition is open for the entire value chain of the building sector.



The Charter as a guideline
The Nordic Built Charter serve as the basis of the Nordic Built Challenge – a bold and ambitious document defining 10 core principles for how our future built environment should be constructed.


Collaboration and innovation are key words.


- With Nordic Built Challenge we want to encourage the Nordic building industry to think in new ways. We believe that by collaborating across disciplines and country borders, we can push the limits of what we think is possible and accomplish much more, says Hans Fridberg, project manager for Nordic Built and innovation adviser at Nordic Innovation.


2-stage competitions
Stage 1 of each competition will be an open idea competition for general concepts and ideas, with a low barrier to entry and anonymous evaluation. 4 winners from each competition receive NOK 300.000 and the opportunity to compete in stage 2. The proposals in this stage should be realistic and form the basis for the realization of the refurbishment project.


The best team in each competition will win the possibility for a contract with the building owner, and a final Nordic winner will be awarded with NOK 1.000.000 for the best overall demonstration of the Nordic Built Charter.


On 8 November there will be an official launch of the competitions in Stockholm, where it will be possible to meet the building owners and potential collaboration partners. Sign up here to


About Nordic Built
Nordic Built is one of six so called lighthouse projects that were launched in connection with the new industrial and innovation policy cooperation program focusing on green growth that the Nordic Trade and Industry Ministers agreed on in October 2011. The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation are funding the project, and the latter is contributing to the realisation of the project together with the Nordic countries.


The Nordic Built-programme will be carried out through the execution of three main modules over the period 2012-2014. The modules will cover a range of interconnected activities and build on each other.