These are the 13 funded projects

The result of last year's call for proposals is finalised, and together with our funding partners we are proud to present the 13 projects that have been approved for funding.
Published 07/03/2014 | Last updated 07/03/2014

1. Nordic Guide to Sustainable Materials - hamonising sustainable criteria for building products across the Nordic borders


The project will create a guide for demanding and delivering sustainable building materials, as well as closer cooperation within this field among Nordic organisations.


Project partners:

Norway Green Building Council (PO, PM), Sweden Green Building Council, Icelandic Green Building Council/Vistbyggðarráð and Green Building Council Finland.



Project leader Katharina Th. Bramslev (Senior advisor at Norway Green Building Council)


2. Living in Light creating additional space behind a more transparent building envelope


The project wish to develop extension solutions with glazing for multistorey housingblocks, both at the roofs and towards courtyards, In this way, they will securing new business opportunities, good comfort and low energy standards for old properties in cities. In Copenhagen a full scale demonstration will be made, preparing test project activities in Sweden and Norway.


Project partners:

Kuben Management (PO, PM), DOVISTA, VELUX, NCC Construction Denmark, Svendborg Architects, Cenergia, Gate 21, Ishøy & Madsen, CN Arkitekter, NCC Sverige, and Ramstadt Architects.



Project leader Jakob Klint (Senior advisor at Kuben Management)



3. SURE! - Nordic Built for Sustainable Retrofitting - a cross-disciplinary perspective on the dynamic relation between technology, sustainability and behavior


The project aims at, at a low cost, optimise energy usage and strengthen sustainable lifestyles for residents in areas that need retrofitting. This is done through a combination of technology for diagnosing and optimising heating and indoor comfort in existing buildings, an interactive visualization system that enables an understanding of different kinds of consumption, and an open ICT infrastructure.


Project partners:

Interactive Institute Swedish ICT (PO), VIA University College (PM), Insero Business Services A/S, Insero Energy A/S, IC-Meter, BaseN oy, Ecofective AB, and Acreo Swedish ICT AB.



Project leader Henrik Jean Blyt (Manager, VIA University College)



4. Proof of Concept – Business Models for Sustainable Service Infrastructure creating an holistic, integrated business model for refurbishment through regeneration


The project aims at creating a business model innovation that combines refurbishment of buildings and service development, and takes place in the Nordic context. The business model will be created on the basis of three cases from the Nordic cities of Oslo, Lahti and Stockholm.


Project partners:

Demos Helsinki (PO, PM), Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, City of Lahti, YIT Corporation, Granlund Oy, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, City of Oslo, Futurebuilt, Aspelin Ramm, Stockholm Business Region Development, and Stockholmshem.



Project leader Aleksi Neuvonen (Futures & Foresight lead at Demos Helsinki)



5. Nordic Urban Development making stakeholders "walk the talk"


The project will create a joint Nordic framework for sustainable urban development, with the aim of at least 40 urban development projects using it for sustainable urban development in 2016. 


Project partners:

Sweden Green Building Council (PO, PM), Norwegian Green Building Council, Icelandic Green Building Council /Vistbyggðarráð, Green Building Council Finland, The City of Stockholm, The City of Oslo, The City of Helsinki, The City of Reykjavik, The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Aalto University and Reykjavík University.



Project leader Ann-Kristin Karlsson (Manager sustainable cities at Sweden Green Building Council)



6. Active Roofs and Facades in Sustainable Renovation - paving the way for future Active House concepts


The project wish to develop and demonstrate innovative "Active Roof and Façades" solutions for future sustainable renovation. The solutions will be brought to the building in form of prefabricated façade or roof elements, which can be tailored to the specific needs of the building.


Project partners

Cenergia (PO, PM), Copenhagen Real Estate, KAB, Botkyrkabyggen, VTT, ZED Consulting, University of Iceland, AVENTA, Høyer Finseth, Ecovent, Gate21 and Demos.



Project leader Peder Vejsig Pedersen (Director, Cenergia)



7. Concept for renovation and upgrading of residential buildings - bringing residential buildings up to today's standards for energy efficiency in a cost-efficient manner


The project wish to develop a concept for industrially pre-fabricated wood-based system for renovation and sustainable upgrading of buildings. This upgrading will be conducted in a cost-effective and high-quality retrofitting system that minimises occupant disturbance. The result will be a network of businesses developing and producing prefabricated retrofitting solutions.


Project partners:

SP Wood Technology (PO, PM), Norsk Treteknisk Institutt, Novia, University of Applied Sciences, Høgskolen i Narvik, Umeå Universitet, Moelven Byggmodul AB, AB Botkyrkabyggen, Skebo, Skellefteå Kommun, Contria, Edupower Oy, VASEK Vaasa Region Development Company, Ringsaker Takelementer AS and AS Rockwool Norway.



Project leader Karin Sandberg (Ph.D, SP Wood Technology)



8. Component reuse - from waste to value


The project explores, by means of 1:1 mock-up modeling, new practices for reuse of dismantled building components and materials, for new ways to organise, tender and trade reused building components. The aim is to stimulate the Nordic market for recycled components and thus saving energy while concurrently creating profitable business and architectural identity.


Project partners:

Vandkunsten AS (PO, PM), Asplan Viak AS, Genbyg AS, Norsk Gjenvinning AS, Hjelness Consult AS, KAB and Malmö Högskola.



Project leader Søren Nilsen (Architect and partner at Vandkunsten AS)



9. Nordic open intelligent façade system with high export potential - increasing work of value, reducing waste of time


The project will develop a generic technical platform for a Nordic modularised façade system with hybrid ventilation, that will be open for SMEs in Nordic countries and through joint venture collaboration with local companies on the international market. Proof of concept with a tested façade system and business plan will be the output.


Project partners:

Danish Technological Institute (PO, PM),, Contec, GaiaSolar, BN Teknik, Horn Vinduer A/S, Via College Horsens, MT Højgaard, Royal Træ, Nordic Set Green, Pegasor Oy, Mesterhus A/S, BSI A/S, Passivhus centrum, Complete Green Housing and Dansih Technological Institute.



Project leader Anders Thomsen (Project director at Danish Technological Institute)



10. Educating Building Experts in the Nordic Built Charter - we know too little, and what we know, we don't share very well


The project wants to create a strong platform for cooperation and promoting innovation by establishing an exchange of knowledge between the educational system in the Nordic countries. It will include the universities, the lecturers and the students, using the Nordic Built Charter as a professional standard for the educational system of building professionals in the Nordic countries.


Project partners:

Konstruktørforeningen (PO, PM), VIA University College, KEA, UCN, SBR, NITO and Malmø Høgskola.



Project leader Jette Leth Fejerskov Djælund (General Manager of Professional Affairs at Konstruktørforeningen)



11. Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling in refurbishment and new construction of buildings - a short-cut to accelerate the sustainable transformation of the retrofitting market


The aim of this project is to implement energy efficient and sustainable low-temperature heating (LTH) and high temperature cooling (HTC) systems in buildings. The project will develop a multi-stage retrofitting process over a three-year period with start in autumn 2013.


Project participants:


KTH Royal Institute of Technology (PO, PM), Rikshem, Technical University of Denmark (Department of Civil Engineering), Rettig Heating AB, NCC Construction Sweden AB, Uponor Corporation and Lindab Ventilation A/S.




Project leader Sture Holmberg (Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology)



12. The BELOK Total Concept (BTC) - a new holistic approach to improving energy effiency 


BELOK Total Concept (BTC) method is a new an innovative working method, making it possible to achieve energy savings up to 50-60 % in existing buildings within the profitability frames set by the building owner. This project aims to test, adopt and promote the BTC method as a business model in the participating Nordic countries.


Project partners:


CIT Energy Management AB (PO, PM), Danish Building Research Institute (Aalborg University), Rambøll Danmark A/S, Danish Association of Construction Clients, The Swedish Construction Clients and Bionova Consulting.




Project leader Åsa Wahlström (PhD, Project Manager at CIT Energy Management AB)



13. Evaluation and Renovation of Ice Halls and Swimming halls (NERIS) - good amusement at a reasonable cost


This project aims at proposing methods for inspection and evaluation of the functionality of buildings with ice rinks and swimming halls, and demonstrate different methods for improving their performance through renovation.


Project partners:


KTH - Royal Institute of Technology (PO), Insjöns Konsult AB (PM), Airwatergreen AB, Pro Rink International OY, Foamglas Nordic AB, Stockholms stad idrottsförvaltning, Multimetrix - Göran Urdén, Kyl & ventilation Svante Lundbäck AB, Anjo bygg AB, Scandinavian Energy Efficiency Co. SEEC AB, Techmarket and NTNU.




Project leader Hans Nyman (Insjöns Konsult AB)