Taking the reins of Nordic Built

Meet new Nordic Built project manager Kristina Mårtensson!
Published 10/09/2014 | Last updated 10/09/2014

Since this summer, Sweden native Kristina Mårtensson is the new project manager for Nordic Built, taking over from interim project manager Hans Fridberg, who will continue as senior adviser at Nordic Built.


Kristina Mårtensson comes from a position as senior consultant at Sweco Environment AB, providing sustainable strategies to municipalities, government authorities and private companies.



Will make a difference

Originally a biologist from University of Stockholm and a toxicologist from Karolinska institutet, she has worked with environmental issues, sustainability and growth throughout her professional career. She has been an expert in the Swedish Ministry of Environment, programme manager at the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and worked with both municipalities and the private sector as adviser and consultant, as well as chief business manager.


Her background should be fit in well in Nordic Built, where she can work with her key concerns green growth, environment and sustainable cities. 

– And I'm a naturally curious person, so I have always loved innovation. The job was also extra interesting because it means working on a Nordic level - which is new for me, explains the new project manager.


– My vision is that we shall really make a difference with Nordic Built.





Although she admits she can sometimes feel a little pessimistic about the environmental and sustainability issues facing us, Mårtensson believes that every small action makes a difference - and maybe the momentum we create today, but perhaps not see ourselves, will give results in 15-20 years.


– It's those small (and big!) actions that gives me energy and makes me happy. All the time our knowledge grows and our actions multiply. So I am really an optimist with a pinch of realism.


Now she will lean into the collar to ensure that her vision for Nordic Built is fulfilled – which should be more than possible with a yoga instructor and competitive horse rider in the saddle.