Sustainable renovation through Nordic collaboration

13 projects have received funding through the Nordic Built programme. They cover widely different areas of the sustainable building sector, but share two main points: sustainability and Nordic collaboration.
Published 21/11/2014 | Last updated 21/11/2014

Changing consumer behavior, prefabricating sustainable building solutions, educating experts in the Nordic Built Charter and harmonising sustainable criteria for building products across the Nordic region are among the objectives of the projects that were started up in Copenhagen on 20 November.


The engagement among the participants is high, and many are stating the benefits of working together on a Nordic level.


– Instead of working separately on a national level, we can share results and experiences. A solution that works for us in Umeå can be used in Finnish Vaasa and Norwegian Narvik as well, says Karin Sandberg from SP Wood Technology, project leader for one of the projects, aiming at developing a concept for industrially pre-fabricated wood-based system for renovation and sustainable upgrading of buildings.



Great potential

Nordic Built is one of the largest Nordic cooperation programs currently running. The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation have committed almost 60 million NOK to Nordic collaboration for a sustainable built environment, and an additional 40 million NOK comes from the national governments. So why has it been invested so heavily in this project?


– Sustainable renovation is an area where the potential for cooperation and learning across Nordic borders is vast and relatively untapped. We have the same challenges and ambitions when it comes to refurbishment of the existing building stock, says Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General at the Nordic Council of Ministers in his opening speech.



Operationalising sustainability

The funded projects are based on the Nordic Built Charter – stating 10 common principles for sustainable building in the Nordic region.


– The word sustainability is used a lot a can sometimes seem as an empty phrase. Nordic Built wants to operationalise sustainability – the Nordic Built Charter is a great example on how we can walk the talk as a compliment to the Green Building Councils’ certification schemes, Høybråten says, and adds that Nordic Built is very much in line with the Nordic governments’ visions for future cooperation.


– It combines political and public interests, provides the basis for common solutions to common problems and contributes to strengthening the Nordic brand in the world.



From buildings to cities

The Nordic Built programme will continue in 2014-2017 under the name Nordic Built Cities – shifting focus from the single building to promoting innovative Nordic solutions for livable, smart and sustainable cities and export. This will build upon the previous programme and the principles from the Nordic Built Charter.


In addition to Nordic Built, the Nordic Prime Ministers have also declared their ambition to develop common technology norms and standards for sustainable building as part of their green growth initiative.



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