Nordic Built inspires new competition

Inspired by the Nordic Built Challenge, Norwegian real estate company Entra launches a new international design and innovation competition together with FutureBuilt called Urban+.
Published 02/12/2014 | Last updated 02/12/2014

The goal of the new international design and innovation competition is to build a plus house based on cradle-to-cradle principles and with the highest possible score in BREEAM-NOR, "Outstanding". The project should make use of innovative solutions and concepts, and at the same time be realised within a framework that makes in competitive in the market. 


The building in question is an office building located at Lilletorget 1 downtown Oslo. 


You can read more about the competition at the FutureBuilt website.




Competition co-hosts Entra also owns Posthuset, the building that was the foundation of the Norwegian part of the Nordic Built Challenge.