Icelandic Ministers committed to Nordic Built

The Icelandic Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Education and Culture have both signed the Nordic Built Charter, and four new public buildings will be built in accordance to its principles.
Published 10/10/2012 | Last updated 10/10/2012

The buildings, two university buildings, one school building and one prison, are all in the design or early construction phase.

- They are already living up to the principles of the Nordic Built Charter, and the signing is now strengthening this decision further, says Oskar Valdimarsson, CEO at the Government Construction Contracting Agency (GCCA), one of the ambassadors of Nordic Built.

So far the Charter has only been implemented in new constructions in Iceland, but Valdimarsson underlines that it is in the retrofitting of existing buildings that Nordic Built is really adding value to the process.

- This is a huge challenge, where Nordic Built can play a truly important role.

The design teams of the four buildings, a total of eight offices, have also signed the Charter, Valdimarsson confirms.