Funded projects soon to be revealed

The projects selected for funding after last year’s call for proposals will soon be announced. Also, there will be new funding opportunities in April.
Published 20/02/2014 | Last updated 20/02/2014

13 projects have now been approved for funding following the call of proposals announced in March 2013, and our partners in the Swedish Energy Agency will make the final decision on 24 February.


Shortly thereafter, we will make the decision public.


The 13 programmes will have a total budget of about 153 MNOK, with Nordic Built contribution funding about 62,5 MNOK.





Large interest and new funding opportunities

We received 47 applications amounting to a total of 243,5 MNOK. The applications included 304 project partners from all the Nordic countries following the call for proposals that was announced in March 2013.


There will be new funding opportunities through Nordic Built in April. More information about this will follow when the details are in place.




In March 2013, Nordic Innovation and national cooperation partners launched a joint Nordic funding programme for innovation, R&D and demonstration projects within sustainable retrofitting of the existing building stock.


At the same time, a call for proposals was launched.


The funding programme and the subsequent call composed the Module 3 of Nordic Built, with the overall objective to accelerate Nordic competitive concepts for a sustainable built environment.


The funding programme is being organized in cooperation with the following stakeholders in the Nordic countries:







Energiteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram, EUDP










Innovation Norway