Ellebo Garden Room approved!

The tenants in Ellebo have approved the building of Ellebo Garden Room, the winner of the Nordic Built Challenge. The plan is for Adam Khan's project to be started in spring 2016 and be finalised by spring 2018.
Published 10/02/2015 | Last updated 10/02/2015

On January 20, the tenants in Ellebo gave their approval for realising the winning project of the Nordic Built Challenge, the Ellebo Garden Room, with overwhelming majority. 


Of the 223 votes received, 189 voted yes, 34 no and 1 blank. This means that the sustainable renovation of the buildings, based on the 10 principles of the Nordic Built Charter, can commence. 



– A role model

– Ellebo will be a role model for sustainable renovation and an example for other housing associations who are taking on large renovation projects, says Rolf Andersen, building director in KAB, which is the building administrator of Ellebo. 


– For KAB, sustainable renovation is on top of our agenda, and we therefore look very much forward to realise this project for Ballerup Ejendomsselskab for the benefit of the tenants, and for inspiration and learning for the whole Danish building sector.



Project start in 2016

The renovation is planned to start in spring 2016 and be finished by spring 2018.


Both the building mass and the green areas between the buildings will be renovated. If you are curious of the details in the original project, you can find all the details here.


We congratulate the tenants in Ellebo and everyone involved in the process, and look forward to see the end result.