Danish finalists aroused great interest

Industry players, competition participants and tenants gathered at KAB in Copenhagen on 1 July to take a closer look at the proposals of the four finalists in the Danish competition of the Nordic Built Challenge.
Published 04/07/2013 | Last updated 04/07/2013

The object for sustainable renovation in Denmark is the affordable housing complex Ellebo in Ballerup Municipality – owned by Ballerup Real Estate Company and administrated by KAB. The interest for the remaining entries was big, perhaps especially among the tenants.


John Carstens, chair of Ballerup Real Estate Company as well as the Danish jury in the Nordic Built Challenge, said that he is overwhelmed of the many good proposals and expressed his gratitude to Nordic Innovation for making the competition possible. He also gave some advice to the four finalists for the last part of the Challenge.


- Don’t follow a guru, be your own guru. It is your job to create cities made for humans.



Jesper Würtzen, Mayor of Ballerup Municipality, said that Ballerup wants to focus on creating a sustainable society where people feel comfortable and happy to live.


- I am glad that Ellebo is a part of the Nordic Built Challenge, and hope that the competition can set new standards for affordable housing.



Rolf Andersen, director of construction at KAB, praised the Nordic Built Challenge for focusing at one of the most urgent challenges in the Nordic countries: Sustainable renovation of the existing building stock.

-          It is not enough to make buildings as cheap as possible to live in; we must also make them sustainable and attractive to future tenants.



Hans Fridberg, innovation adviser at Nordic Innovation and project manager for Nordic Built, said that he hopes that the Nordic Built Challenge will contribute to boosting sustainable retrofitting in the Nordic countries.


- The ultimate goal is to make our region a leading actor within this field.