– A great platform for innovation

Both the Charter and the Challenge received praise when the Danish ambassador group invited to debate the Charter as a dialogue tool between developers and companies at KAB in Copenhagen Wednesday 26 March.
Published 01/04/2014 | Last updated 01/04/2014

(Anders Lendager was enthusiastic about both the Charter and the Challenge)



– The success of the Nordic Built Charter and Challenge is that you have created a process tool that offers so much more than others do.


Anders Lendager from Lendager Architects participated in the Nordic Built Challenge, and was one of the 27 attendees at last week’s meeting in the beautiful Billedsalen at KAB in downtown Copenhagen, and his sentiment seemed to be echoed by most of the others present.


See pictures from the meeting at the bottom of this story.

Bringing enthusiasm to an otherwise boring discipline

At the meeting, Lendager presented the tools his team used in their Challenge project towards the developers and the jury, and emphasised how the Charter and Challenge had served as a great platform for both architects, engineers and advisors to create innovative projects within renovation – an architectural discipline he described as otherwise boring.


– This has shown how an inspiring programme around sustainability, where the developer early in the process says “this is how I would like it”, spurs a lot of innovation and sustainable projects. You might just ask why we don’t do this every time, Lendager elaborated after the meeting.


Architecture vs. sustainability

Perhaps the most interesting talking points that came up during the meeting revolved around the relationship between architecture and sustainability in the Nordic Built Challenge, with Anders Lendager pointing out the challenge of which of the two should be the deciding factor in this kind of competition.


– The architectural should win over the technical, and Nordic Built could be a good example of how you can encourage sustainability through design, said architect Søren Nielsen, who was part of the jury for the Nordic Built Challenge.


The enthusiasm shown by several architects for the platform the Charter provides is rather interesting, because as Snøhetta’s Ole Gustavsen, who was part of the Nordic Built steering group, pointed out: The Charter was designed not to only fit architects, but be useful to the whole building sector. That was also the rationale behind the multidisciplinary team requirement in the Challenge.


Going forward

As Gustavsen pointed out, the most important part is perhaps played by the developer, that is in a position to procure sustainable buildings.


– They need to take this seriously and make important decisions, he said.


Overall, the meeting generated a lot of interesting feedback for the Danish ambassador group on both the possibilities and challenges of the Nordic Built Charter. The Challenge showed that the principles behind it can result in a vast array of innovative and interesting projects, but it is important to ensure that the momentum created does not stop with the Challenge – in all the Nordic countries.




Meeting programme:


  • Welcome and introduction speech by Rolf Andersson, building director in KAB
  • Nordic Built going forward by Mette Mylin, head of office at the Danish Energy Agency
  • Experiences from the competition by Søren Nielsen, partner at Tegnestuen Vandkunsten
  • Tool 1 by Anders Lendager from Lendager Architects
  • Tool 2 by Jan Schipull, PhD Stud. and Peter Andreas Sattrup from DTU
  • Debate
  • Networking

Building director in KAB, Rolf Andersson, holds his welcomming speech Mette Mylin holds her presentation Mette Mylin
Peter Andreas Sattrup from DTU (left) and Jan Schipull presented their Challenge project Jan Schipull talks about the Challenge project he was involved in Building director in KAB, Rolf Andersson
Engaged listeners Mikael Koch from Danske Arkitektvirksomheder makes a comment Ole Gustavsen from Snøhetta makes a comment
Jan Wammen from the Danish Energy Agency speaks