The BELOK Total Concept (BTC)


March 2014


March 2017

Project partners:

CIT Energy Management AB (PO, PM), Danish Building Research Institute (Aalborg University), Rambøll Danmark A/SDanish Association of Construction ClientsThe Swedish Construction Clients and Bionova Consulting



The challenge

In order to reach the national and international environmental targets it is a fact that it will be essential to dramatically lower the energy needs in a large proportion of existing building stock. However there are a number of non-technical barriers that need to be overcome in order to accelerate the refurbishment of existing buildings. 

These include for example lack of financial support and good business models supporting the investments, difficulties to find profitable measures to be carried out and guaranteeing the reliability of the results, fear among investors of carrying out long-term investments, models on how to translate the improved energy efficiency to building valuation, etc.


Up till now, there is very little support provided to the building owners regarding how to make the best investment decisions in order to improve the energy performance of their buildings.



The solution

BELOK Total Concept (BTC) method is a new an innovative working method, making it possible to achieve energy savings up to 50-60 % in existing buildings within the profitability frames set by the building owner. This project aims to test, adopt and promote the BTC method as a business model in the participating Nordic countries.